Thursday, March 22

when crafting seems to fail

Well, one of the things I am learning through the Allume Better Writer series is that you have to wade through the mistakes and failures to find you voice and become a better writer... Well, yesterday I experienced this in my crafting world.

This week the challenge at The CSI Project is Embossing/PaperCrafting! Now that's a challenge I can get into! I love my papercrafting!  So I dug through my supplies and pulled out my embossing powder and heat gun and got to work.


This idea came from Pinterest... of course, but I didn't have the great tape she used in her card makings, so I had to improvise with the Perfect Plaids stamp set I own. and while I love the idea and hope to try it again, the execution of it yesterday didn't seem to come together for me.

I found that the embossing powder really didn't stick as much as I thought it should, and I wonder if the embossing ink pad I used is drying out...  The above card, I actually stamped and embossed twice! (this one is embossed with Old Olive powder)

I might have been hurrying too much and that caused some of the sloppiness, as well!  I wanted it to be crooked, but I didn't stamp well, either!

I really liked the lines on this one better, but once again, a little too sloppy for my taste! However, I really enjoyed making the matching envelopes with the embossing, too! (this one is Gold Glory)

And I loved the raised sparkles on the card from the embossing...

Thank you, CSI Project, for reminding me how much fun embossing can be!
I really love the idea and I will be trying it again... either with a new ink pad, or some of that patterning tape from the original idea!

So crafty types... or those who buy handmade... How perfect does an item have to be in order to sell it?!? Handmade items are never perfect, so what's the guideline on "how messed up" it can be? If I would still use it, can I still (attempt to) sell it?!?! I am really trying to figure out the dynamics of selling handmade!!

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  1. for me (in my opinion) something can be messed up and sell really well if it looks "shabby chic"...but if there is obvious "mistakes" then it may not sell so well. I make my cards the same way "what not to wear" tells you how to dress...haha...1) have an element of texture 2)have a pop of color (but that doesn't necessarily mean "BRIGHT") 3)create layers 4)and always have some sort of accent piece (something that the eye can focus on) (can be subtle or obvious...depending on the sentiment). But like I said...that's only my opinion!! :):):)


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