Thursday, April 12

Blog party giveaway!

I'm submitting a giveaway to the prize pool for
the Ultimate Blog Party 2012!
Ultimate Blog Party 2012

If you want a chance at it, be sure to visit the Prize Pool page for Ultimate Blog Party 2012!
and just so you can see in better detail, what I'm offering, here are a few photos!

Each card is handmade by me! hand stamped with love! matching envelopes and coordinating images inside the card, too! Handmade cards add a nice touch to any occasion!

Be sure to join the party, the Ultimate Blog Party 2012!!!
and visit my UBP12 welcome post...
and if you like my cards, feel free to check out my shop... Whimsical Words

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  1. Julie... I love, love, love that mug!! So glad you have been part of 31 days!

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