Friday, April 27

Five Minute Friday --Community

It's Friday and this morning I was busy building community... Here's my story!

I'm linking up with The Gypsy Mama and Five Minute Friday... which is a community of it's own!


Piles of bags of clothes lined the walls. One room was filled with baby toys and equipment. Donations provided by church members and community alike.

Friends and neighbors gathered to sort, sort, sort. We arranged things by size, by boy or girl, even by color! Shoes, purses and accessories over here; coats over there.

Conversation flowed freely between friends and acquaintances.  And we laughed, oh how we laughed!
"Who would wear this???"
"People paid money for this?!?!  "
"How did this unmentionable get in the bag?" ... wanna take it home?!?! :)
Hey, did you say you needed size 14 girls? Here's a great pair of pants."
Oh, look at these adorable baby clothes, makes me wish I had a little one again"
Who donated the Hooters tank?!?!?

So excited to be able to bless the town in which God has raised our church. To throw open wide the doors of our family room and invite our neighbors, the grocery store clerk, our kids' friends and teachers. To come, to "shop," to fill bags for FREE.  To be a witness and outreach to our community; to show the love of Christ.

Tomorrow is our annual Heritage Attic... where we offer FREE clothing and accessories for women and children, plus toys and other baby equipment. So thankful for this faith community that I am a part of!


  1. Such a wonderful way to bless those in your community!

  2. Shoot! I missed the Hooter's tank:-) Fun morning with you and the other girls.

  3. Julie, that is just an awesome idea! And I love how you have a community of women who have not only this heart but ENJOY each other in the process!

    Just beautiful!


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