Thursday, April 26

Project 52 --Green

It's Spring... Green is everywhere, so you would think this week's Project 52 challenge would be easy. But I just didn't want a picture of another tree, flower, field of grass... although that would be beautiful. But I was trying to think like our wonderful Project 52 host... like why did she pick the theme Green... and then I realized it was Earth Day.

Now, I'm not an environmentalist or tree hugger! And I love all of God's Green earth (and all His other fantastic artwork, creation and colors), but I also believe it should not completely control my life ... like our neighborhood bears, I'm not too fond of them right now and would love to take a shot at one, but that's neither here nor there.

So, here's what I came up with. Recycling Day was just last week, so the box isn't very full, but I do my best to recycle the cans, jars, bottles that come through our house... plus the box is GREEN (are all recycling boxes, green?)

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  1. Good pick for a "green" pic! Our boxes are green, too.

  2. I remember moving into our home and loving the fact that our city encourages recycling. Our previous condo never did. It's a little "homeowner" thing that I really enjoy and knowing that it's helpful makes it even better. I'm not a tree hugger either but every little bit helps. :)

  3. Great picture and subject choice!


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