Sunday, April 15

Five Minute Friday --Good-Bye

I'm a little behind on Five Minute Friday and I'm kinda coming up blank for the topic, but I need to get writing again, so Five Minute Friday it is...

Prompt: Good-Bye


Insecurity just keeps hanging around. It jumps out at me around every corner. I dream, I think, I wish, I pray... and then I get lost in the insecurity.  I read books to inspire me, memorize verses to encourage me, and then the insecurity drags me down again.

It stares at me when I look at the mirror in the morning. It screams at me when I sit down at my craft/cardmaking table. It laughs at me when I open my laptop.

It scoffs me when I fail in parenting, when I let the house get out of control. It's my constant companion when I go to a party, meeting, church, any gathering. Holding me back, dragging me down. Sometimes I think I have it conquered only to turn around and see it shadowing me once again.

One of these days, I will finally say GOODBYE, So long!!  May that day be today!


be gentle in the comments, I'm feeling a little insecure! :)


  1. I think you are saying what most people feel but never say. I love ya! and I know that I am not the only one!

  2. I agree...we all go through that...sometimes more than others. But I have found just going for it with all that you have and not looking back "sometimes" helps...I do so understand. For me it seems that when I get going on a "project" and it fails I more often just get annoyed and that is why I give up. I guess that makes my issue more anger then insecurity. But perhaps they are one in the same issue, just manifested in a different way.

  3. Oh sweetie! I so understand this feeling. Just keep fighting it. ((hugs))

  4. Sweet sister- unfortunately, I don't know that we really do get to say good-bye to it- at least not completely!!! I have my ups and downs with insecurity as well and what I have been reminded of just this week as I have fallen flat on my face with swirling insecurity is that perhaps this is part of what God wants for me. Every single one of us has our thing that throws us to our knees- for me it's insecurity as well!- and as much as I long to have it gone, I am learning to be reminded in those moments that it is actually a good thing. My favorite quote of all time- "In our inadequacy, Christ is sufficient". Oh, so much more to say, but mostly you are LOVED, your cards are GORGEOUS, and you are a beautiful writer!!!


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