Friday, April 13

Project 52 --Sacrifice

So Project 52's theme this week is Sacrifice.

I tried to think of things I've sacrificed as a mom; I focused on Christ's sacrifice for us... but wasn't sure how to photograph it;

Then I looked through my pictures of this past week and found an event that just jumped out at me as a picture of sacrifice!!

This here is a picture of a "ground breaking."  My kids attend a Christian school... and that brings financial sacrifice. We are so excited about this ground breaking, because it means that next fall our elementary and secondary will finally be on ONE campus. And that is only possible through sacrifice. Donors, board members, parents, faculty, staff, students... all part of the sacrifice it takes to run a successful Christian school and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

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  1. Wow! 4 kids in private school is most certainly a sacrifice! What a blessing it will be to have all your kids in one place next year.

  2. This must be so exciting for you. Truly an investment in children.

  3. Looks like exciting times for your kid's school! And yes, sending children to a private school IS a sacrifice...but I'm sure well worth it :)


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