Tuesday, April 24

Why am I counting?

So, I've been struggling with the counting of the gifts lately. My focus has been way off.

Am I counting for you? (I hope not, these posts get the least amount of comments) 
to win a camera?(not sure I fancy myself much of a photographer these days) 
to give me something to blog about?(afraid so, more than I care to admit) 
or to honestly give God glory?? (oh, I so want this to be the reason) 
to remember and live in gratitude, which will result in JOY, True Joy!!

So this week, I'm skipping the daily counting and just sharing some gifts I want to remember!

351. my snuggly 4YO and her well loved bunny

352. overabundance of laundry waiting to be folded!
353. making cheesecake for the birthday girl

354. my 4YO surviving rooster chase and knock down (It was really scary and really comical)
355. shopping at Dollar Tree.. and finding stuff for Hawaiian theme!

356. celebrating my 7YO... and reminiscing about her birth!
357. flavored coffee in my Keurig
358. a coupon for $3 off a shirt at Target
359. wildlife in my back yard... TURKEY! (fun) Coyote (scary)

360. working on legos with my daughter
361. being alone
362. coming before the throne of God with sisters-in-Christ
363. getting sunburn... just sitting outside reading
364. hanging clothes on the line to dry
365. swinging with my daughter
366. the gift of flowers from my girls... even dandelions

367. a love note from my hubby while he was on a field trip with our daughter
368. a picnic lunch
369. listening to my 4YO "rock it out" in the basement with her sister's play guitar!
370. creating a $5.00, 5 minute wreath for my door

371. His artwork displayed across the sky!

372. bottle cap art
 373. MORE turkeys in the back field!
374. surviving a bad day
375. His mercies are NEW every morning!
376. great reminders at church
377. reading (and doing lots of underlining in) You're Already Amazing
378. undercooked brownies
379. reading Jesus Storybook Bible with my kids before bed
380. a freezer full of pig meat!!

381. reminder that I am lovely because God Loves Me!
382. unloading my camera and finding treasures taken by my kids... :)

thankful for Joy, gifts, gratitude, remembering, grace!


  1. Love this post. The dandelion picture is amazing, I so want undercooked brownies, and I must read more in You're Already Amazing. I go to bed so tired these days, I don't take time to read a few pages every night. Love you!

  2. How funny - I loved the dandelion picture too! One day at a time - Thankful for His daily mercies!! We are saving bottle tops- have multiple colors already! love you too - Jen

  3. I enjoyed reading your post! Dandelions are my second favorite wildflower (not weed). Daisies are first. :)


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