Wednesday, April 25

My Colorful Kite

So apparently, I'm not the only writer in the family. My First Grader came home with this treasure in her backpack this week and I couldn't NOT share it with you all!

Once upon a time I flew a "butieful" kite. My kite was red, teal blue, violet, primrose, light blue and hot pink. One day I flew it. I held the string. It flew in the wind. I saw some trees on the way. I run faster then ever. My friend, Jillian, was there. I "flyed" it very well in the air. It went high in the sky. The breeze was cool.
The End

just a few notes... Seriously?!?!  That is ONE COLORFUL KITE!!  and her handwriting?!??!  AMAZING... she didn't get that from me, but then again, I am a lefty!

She does not cease to amaze me! I am looking forward to encouraging her along the way... so that when she's my age... she'll have a killer blog! :)

And, I have to say, that I think this would make a great writing challenge... hint, hint, my #BetterWriter friends. To take a list of 10-12 semi-connected words and write a story!!


  1. Lovely. And it would be a good challenge. LOL

  2. I love her color choices-If only she could have drawn it! Getting the feel of voice is so revealing, not only for the child but you, as well.

    My 10 year old grandson (home schooled) is also an extremely creative writer. He's especially good at poetry.

    Thanks for the share!

  3. "Primrose"??? Wow. Good job to her! And thanks for linking up today!


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