Wednesday, May 9

Birthday Balloon Box

So, I have a Pinterest idea to share… which is good because my brain seems to be incapable of actually writing.  I pinned this idea for birthdays two months ago and I finally put it together last week. We don't live near any of our family, so I thought this would be a great idea!!

Here is the original pin: Birthday balloons in the mail

I think this is a perfect idea for a 5-10 year old. They still like balloons and they like money. However, my nephew is 18 and my niece is 15… but I went with it anyway, So I'm hoping that they didn't think it was too cheese.

Assemble materials… Balloons, a box from the post office, and a bunch of singles!

Roll the dollar and slide into the balloon, and then blow it up and throw it in the box.



Because I was sending it all together in one box, my nephew got the red, orange, and blue balloons, and my niece got pink, yellow and white.  The green ones were just empty fillers!

I was really concerned that they would be all flat by the time they got there, but my sister assured me they still had air when they arrived … and I made my niece and nephew work for their birthday money!

Which makes me think… maybe I could do it for the niece/nephews on the other side of the family. They are perfect age, but I missed all their birthdays! I’m great like that!!

So, have you done anything creative like this? Does sending cash through the mail make you nervous?  Do you have any great Pinterest inspired ideas to share?

I’m joining up with Mommin’ it Up and PinFTW!

and this idea Works for me... hope it might work for you!
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  1. I did take pictures, but you know how long it takes me to get to a computer with them! It was a cool idea, esp. designating the colors! Have fun with Mom...Jen

  2. That's a pretty fun idea, Julie. I'll have to try that myself. Maybe I'll figure out what other types of things I could get in there. My girls would love stickers, pens, lollipops. The possibilities are endless.

  3. I like this too. It's a super cute idea, most of our family is local so I'm not sure who I'd send it to but I bet my kids would love to get balloons in the mail. Also would be fun for a birthday party activity. I love Pinterest! Such fun ideas :)


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