Monday, May 7

Joy Dare w/o pictures...

I think that I might be able to get my Joy Dare posts done sooner if I didn't spend so much time looking through my pictures and editing them to add to the blog... but I also think that sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  So for now, this post will be without pictures... not to say that I won't go back and add pictures later this week... or next! :)

I'm so far behind this is a two week recap of my gifts!! ...

383. eating bacon...  I love bacon!
384. Nutella sandwiches
385. a rainy afternoon spent at the library
386. winning a $75 Starbucks gift card courtesy of SassyModernMom through the UBP12
387. meeting a new bloggy friend... in Real Life!
388. tracking my husband's flight life with some flight tracker app... :)
389. my daughter's writing skills... in FIRST grade
390. free pizza
391. Awana awards night with my kiddos
392. only losing one chicken to the large animal (most likely bear) that visited our yard while I was sleeping
393. dinner at a friend's house while hubby was out of town
394. Starbucks coffee and lemon bread
395. Community...
397. some free clothes for my kids!
398. chili cheese fries
399. being a part of (in)RL ... there are no words, but here's my takeaway!
400. Having hubby return home safe after a 5 day work trip!
401. kids with their gifts from daddy... after his long trip away...
402. having Wes make dinner... tomato soup and grilled cheese!
403. This adorable reminder on patience... go watch it NOW!
404. the smell of fresh cut grass
405. Three wild turkey toms in my back field during breakfast.
406. A successful first day of swim lessons!!!
407. having my husband fold 4 loads of laundry for me... while I blogged!
408. The scent of fresh spring rain 
409. phone consult with the wonderful ladies of Squee, Inc.
410. resident Eastern Bluebird brightening up a rainy day!

May 1  #JoyDare tasted: 
411. macadamia cookie Keurig coffee; 
412. Chips Ahoy/milk after school snack; 
413. raspberry syrup on pancakes for dinner

May 2 gifts flat
414. extra ticket to ballet dress rehearsal
415. the pages of my Bible... today it was Psalms and Proverbs
416. sliced thin potatoes and onions for a crockpot meal
417. reading a great e-book Mothers Letters

May 3
418. my girls' playing nice together... and not so nice together
419. the heavy fog... beautiful, but dreary
420. facing my own daily battles of selfishness and impatience

May 4 gifts before 9AM
421. thunderstorm in the wee early hours of the morning
422. making bacon and French toast with my son. He did great!
423. attempting to read my Bible with constant interruptions

May 5
424. chocolate... it's always the perfect snack
425. smiles on my little ballerinas ... before, during and after their recital!
426. pizza boxes... a sign of delicious pizza for dinner!

May 6 gifts found in Christ
427. mercy and grace
428. I am made new
429. a family in the body of Christ

so thankful for counting... the 1000, the innumerable gifts and graces from God!!  Count with me!

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