Thursday, May 3

Creative Writing --Kites

So, last week, my daughter came home with this cute story, ... and I thought, "I could write a story about kites, using those words!"  So it took me a week, but I finally did it!

Using the following words, create a story...

kite.  high.  tail.  run.  string.  breeze.  wind.  pull.  fly.  trees.  air.   sky

It was the perfect day for flying a kite. The sun was shining bright high in the sky and felt warm on her skin. The wind was strong. She scurried to the garage and pulled out her kite. All the colors of the rainbow splashed in bright array. The string was tangled again! Carefully working with the line, she smoothed it back into usable condition.

The clouds parted in the sky and the air took on a fresh scent. She closed her eyes and began to run. The breeze began to pull at the tail of the kite, swinging it high into the sky. The kite dipped and dived and swooped back up almost touching the clouds. It flirted briefly with the cluster of trees before catching the wave and flying high into the sky, displaying its strong colors with pride.

And for a moment she was back in her daddy's arms flying kites on every windy Saturday that crossed their way!

so it's not much, but what do you think? should I pursue writing? would you write a story using these words... and share it with me?


  1. I will work on my story this weekend and leave it in the comments when I am done =) Cool idea!

  2. This could be more fun than Five Minute Friday:-)


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