Tuesday, May 1

Top 10 favorites of in(RL)

Where do I begin?!?! and can I really only say 10 things about in(RL)?

Because of our family schedule I was not able to join an actual meet-up this weekend, but I made sure to watch every video on my own as I was able... some I watched twice! It was that incredible!! I also think that I might just have to purchase the conference DVD and study booklet ... it was that good!!  But for now I will just share a few notable moments for me!

  Points from "opening night"
1.  Deidre from Jumping Tandem... (not an exact quote here...) "My suitcase next to your suitcase and all our stuff overlapping. You have treasures, I have treasures!" I love this ... I love the idea of all our stuff overlapping!

2. Community is not being alone... Our strengths and weaknesses complement each other.  Words by Holley Gerth ... "I will raise my word-sword for all of you anytime you need it, sisters. "I will defend you with my words."   Love is patient and kind. It does not envy or boast. Neither do good friends. 

3. Something that struck a nerve for me... "I taught her that I had no needs." and I am SO sorry, but I didn't write down who said this ... PHOOEY!!  "to be needy, touchable, broken can be a beautiful thing."
(using Dayspring's Message Blocks to decorate)

Starting out on Saturday morning (all by my lonesome)
4. Lisa-Jo spoke right to me!!  welcoming those who are watching "on the laptop, in your pjs, in your bedroom!"  EXACTLY where I was!! :) ... then she talked about those REAL LIFE friends who bring you Nutella on a bad day... and I HAVE ONE OF THOSE!!! :)

From the Social Media Love {thy neighbor} Stories
5. From The Mercy House video... It amazes me what "social media" can accomplish. I'm at a loss for words about the whole thing... and what God is doing.  ... oh and those lovely girls from Kenya singing worship to our God... simply beautiful!!

6. From When Women Pray ... "Prayer changes things; Prayer changes people" Oh I want to be changed!!  I never knew about this monthly prayer comments on in(courage). I am looking forward to joining in and praying for others and asking for prayer ... "Let's pray for you, this place is for God, this place is for each other."

(me, doing (in)RL ... all by myself)
Getting a moment to myself for some more #inRL
7. on Doing it all...  "That's not what God created you for. If I'm not doing the thing He created me for, than no one's doing it!"  what do I need to quit doing ... or trying to do?!??!

8. from the (in)courage beginning... am I  the only slow one that didn't catch on that it was all about living IN COURAGE??  I understand that it is all about encouraging women and all, but I never got the whole idea of living in courage.

From the Favorite Posts...
9. Arianne ... My sacrifices aren't your sacrifices.  Sometimes sacrifices are right, necessary. They don't always look like sacrifices others make, but they're yours and they are good. Yes hard.

10. Ann Voskamp sharing about a letter she received ... "I promise I will never speak an unkind word to, or about you. I will never be jealous of you ... I will love you, I will pray for you."

And a Bonus Quote: Amber from The Runamuck "Live Fun and Live Hard" ... I want to do that!!

And another God moment... The smell of fresh cut grass wafted into my house just as Shannon began reading 's post. Tears... thankful for the reminder to not miss the moment!

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and although it's a few more than 10, I'm linking up to Top Ten Tuesday for the first time in a long time!!

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings


  1. I'm glad you said Hi! to me on Twitter so now I can follow your blog! I was hoping to introduce this to my friends in my home since I'm missing my fellowship with my PWOC sisters back up in the Netherlands. Living in a little town in Italy is tough when you don't have an English speaking community to count on or a Church to attend. But, after watching Sara's story, I knew that for this season maybe my online friends and connections are my community. God Bless You dear new friend!

  2. I determined to comment on the post linked ahead of me and surprise, surprise - IT WAS YOU. One of my new Twitter friends that just keeps showing up before my eyes. I think there is a reason for this and I'm excited for this. I love your list. I had chills reading through these and tear rimmed eyes thinking back to some of these moments. So glad you stuck it out and made it a point to do this on your own.

  3. Oh I LOVE that you were watching in your pjs on your laptop in bed - so was I for a lot of the weekend too :)


  4. You were totally NOT the only one who missed the whole "living IN courage" - that was definitely an aHa! moment for me, too. (especially since my word for 2012 is courageous) Love your recap list - I'm still working on mine :)


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