Friday, May 25

Five Minute Friday --Opportunity


 starting our summer at the library, stocking up on books to read.


Today was the last day of school, and just a half day at that.  The whole summer is looming before us. What am I going to do with it?

Will I spend it on Facebook and Twitter and blogs and Pinterest?


Will I read to my kids? Take them to the park? Get together with real life friends?
Will I spend more time outside? Exercise...take walks?
Will I spend more time in prayer? more time in Bible reading?

Will I work with my kids to keep up on the school things they learned?
Will I look for the gifts in the every day?
Will I try new things? Will I be willing to have fun?

Will I show grace to my kids?
Will I look for ways to help others?

In my head, I have grandiose plans for doing it right this summer... but will I?

I want to HAVE FUN and make good memories. I want to bring glory to God's name.

Opportunity is knocking... will I answer?


first lunch of the summer ... #MuffinTin

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EDIT to add: My husband wondered where he was in my summer opportunities, so I had to take another minute to add... 

I plan to take some walks and have some talks with my husband.
and maybe take some four-wheeler rides!
and sit outside on the swing together!!
and enjoy family activities!!


  1. So true! I always have this vision of how great summer is going to be and I'll keep things so busy and fun that my kids won't even have time to think about turning on the TV... And then reality hits and it somehow ends up being cranky and tired and the summer is so much less than ideal. This time I have to opportunity to be realistic from the beginning and offer enough down time for everyone to relax and still offer enough fun to keep everyone busy enough!

  2. I'm struggling with the same thing. How do I take care of my kids and the work I do online. How do I balance it.

  3. Someday this won't be a problem or a struggle for you, but I certainly remember when it was for me... <3 I, too, had a semi-structured plan/ ideal for body, soul, mind of you four mini munchkins- it rarely made it for too many weeks- but it was good to have a goal- do you remember crafts, games, chores, charts, mini trips??? ... I think I miss it... luv ya tons


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