Sunday, May 27

Project 52 --Favorites

This week's theme for Project 52 is Favorites.
It brings to mind the crazy list things that people used to post on facebook back in the day. So before I share my photo of the week, here's a little "getting to know me" moment! :)

Favorite color --yellow or purple
favorite food --chocolate, tacos, brownies, good steak, chicken alfredo, ice cream...
favorite animal--wildlife outside my window
favorite flower--daisies
favorite sport--soccer
favorite season--summer
favorite holiday--any one spent with family
favorite number--4
favorite tv show--changes all the time... Psych, Castle, Monk,
favorite summer activity--campfires and smores
favorite hobby--making cards
favorite cupcakes --Frosted
favorite music --country ...or contemporary worship
favorite candy --3 Musketeers or Reese's Pieces
favorite store --Target
favorite drink --coffee
favorite constellation --Cassiopeia

but it all comes down to my favorite kids in the whole wide world...

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PS... What are some of YOUR favorites?!


  1. Nice!!! Fun to read more about you.

  2. Such a cute picture!! Is Nathaniel getting a summer cut soon? =)

  3. I love how they have the arms around each other. Cute capture.


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