Friday, May 4

Five Minute Friday --Real

So, it's 11:00pm on a Friday night and real life has interrupted blogging. And it's time for Five Minute Friday, and I'm pretty sure I don't have anything in me worthwhile, but I feel the need to try. Allergies have taken over and my head is pounding. I've gone through a box of tissues. My hormones have the upper hand and I've been less than pleasant today. And 2 of my girls had dress rehearsal for ballet recital this evening. But still the urge to attempt Five Minutes with the word prompt REAL is here.



I think my kids watch too much TV. I grew up without one and have a love/hate relationship with ours. I love the mindless moments of entertainment after the kids go to bed. I love multitasking while folding laundry. I love the quiet it brings when I put my kids in front of it with the Netflix queue full of choices (except when they fight over which show they are going to choose).

I love Psych, ... And Downton Abbey. I enjoy a good chick flick or a little bit of action.

But I hate it when I choose TV over quality time with my kids. Or when I choose to vegetate instead of create, whether it be with words, or my handmade note cards.

I get frustrated when I sit down to watch it and get nothing else done... And then realize that the kitchen needed my attention.

And I wonder... Why do I watch an actor play at life instead of living my own?

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  1. Well done! sorry you`re not feeling well! We like psych here at our house too!

  2. I'm right there with you. I feel like way too much of mine and my kids time is wasted in front of that thing. We don't have cable or anything, just netflix and DVDs, but still...I hate it.


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