Tuesday, May 22

It's complicating

Why is it that I always try to make things harder than they are? I feel like I must be the only person on earth that can take a really easy (pinterest) idea and complicate it!

I love to make note cards and most of the time I get great satisfaction in seeing a card idea come together... But last night, I decided to take a really easy card idea and conclude that it was too easy, and that nobody would like it if I didn't spend three hours on it. So I made it way more complicated. I think it's finally coming together...and if it does, I will share it with you tomorrow. UPDATE: Here's the cards!

The same is true in my Christian life. God says, "whosever believeth in him... "  And I say, but I must read my bible more and I must never get angry and I must remember to give thanks every day and I must give to the poor and do this and do that. And I rush here and I try to do this, and try to do that. And I'm always in a hurry. And I keep rushing and reading more and trying and failing and trying. Or not trying because I can't do it perfect(and I'm a failing perfectionist). But God says, "Be still and know that I am God."

Why do I feel the need to complicate things? Why does it have to perfect?


  1. I am the same way. I always think I can make an idea better. Sometimes less is more. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Ditto, girl! I think just like you! But thanks for the reminder that I ONLY have to rest in Him...so refreshing.

  3. I struggle with a perfectionist spirit as well. What wonderful words to describe the struggle and to remember where to turn when we become overwhelmed!

  4. Julie, I can so relate to this. Great post. Love the cards btw!

  5. Ha! Why indeed? I'm working on this too. Accepting grace and relying less on my own understanding and need to fulfill the law. Oh, it's hard sometimes. But when I do it, it feels so right.

  6. Hey Julie Anne! I popped over from Better Writer for a visit and loved looking around here! Great post! I've been hearing "BE STILL AND KNOW" allot lately! Thanks for the reminder.....perfectionism and overthinking things is something I really need to work on....with His help of course!

    Love the cards, btw...too cute! Also, I am your newest follower!


  7. Thank you for this reminder Julie!

  8. Julie, came over from better writer- I read this earlier in the week, but had to come back to it. I so get where you are. I stayed up late making teacher gifts, friend gifts, cooking for class parties, etc. and I had to get it right. For me perfectionism has dogged my heels most of my life. I began to realize that it was my fear of failure and a way for me to measure my worth to the world- if I did something perfect my "worth" account would increase. Only problem was, it was a temporary fix. So then the pendulum went in the other direction- and if I couldn't get it perfect then I just wouldn't do it. Procrastinating Perfectionist- what a label. GAG. I was forever in Limbo. Not sure when the winds of change began but I'm learning to accept that I am really the only one keeping score on my perfection- well, except when there's no clean laundry in the house! ;>)


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