Monday, May 21

May JoyDare: Week 2 (&3)

Recurring theme here is that I'm struggling with the counting of the gifts, of not quitting on the JoyDare.  Lately the pessimism is reigning (or is it raining) supreme, and I'm having a hard time sticking with it... pray for me?

Here's my attempt to keep going, even when I don't feel like it.

430. the ACRES of land we have to enjoy
431. huge bay window in our living room
432. the 4 kids who fill our home
433. movie date night at home with hubby
434. half-price frappuccinos at Starbucks ... more than once! :)
435. coloring with my girls... not something I do often.
436. having my mom come to visit
437. a great chorale concert at my kids' school
438. Inside: cookies made by mom.
439. outside: forgetmenots to plant.
440. Upside down: helicopter seeds spinning all around.
441. days of sunshine, days of rain
442. Saturday morning laughter with my family
443. dinner on the grill
444. Mother's Day gifts
445. free e-books
446. corn on the cob
447. memories of growing up
448. parents who prayed for me... and still do
449. reading Psalms and Proverbs
450. Window open,
451. cool breeze blowing in,
452. birds are singing
453. finding needed paperwork in the clutter
454. listening to Seeds Family Worship... great verses put to song!
455. enjoying summer temps
456. kids playing outside all day long
457. a Sunday afternoon nap
458. kids saying I love you
459. fresh cut grass
460. second chances


  1. love the 2nd chances. you'll be fine, julie! you are HUMAN!


  2. Wonderful gifts this week. :)


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