Wednesday, May 30

Patriotic Toe Nails

So, I'm basically midlife... w/o giving away my exact age!  :) and I'm in danger of a midlife crisis...

But my conservative background prevents me from getting a tattoo or any outrageous piercing. Every October, I think of dying a portion of my hair pink, just to be rebellious... and it's for a good cause!

So when I saw this fun idea from Family Fun on Pinterest, I thought maybe that would be a little "dangerous."  I know, I know, I'm pathetic....

And I liked it so much, I couldn't wait for Fourth of July. So I painted my toenails for Memorial Day!!

Here are the supplies you need: red nail polish, blue nail polish, and White French Manicure Pen ... and a top coat to keep it all from chipping.

I know it's pretty self explanatory, but here's what you do... Paint toe nails of one foot blue, and the other foot red... Then use your french manicure pen to add stars to the blue, and stripes to the red, and seal it all with a top coat!!

 AND THEN, your thrill your little girls by painting their nails, too!  :)

So, not exactly midlife crisis crazy... but it made me happy!  So pin this great idea for Flag Day... or Independence Day!!

And it's Patriotic Week at The CSI Project... go check out more great patriotic ideas there!!


  1. We must have been on the same page today. I posted about nails too!! Hee hee. Love them! I'm gonna find one of those pens. That's COOL!!

  2. Very, very cute idea! My girls will love this.

  3. How cute!! I can't wait to paint my little girl's toes now. :) Stopping by from the Mommin' It Up linkup! :)

  4. So cute ... my girls would love that. I'm pinning!

  5. BEAUTIFUL toes girls! Sooooo cute ;)


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