Monday, August 13

August Joy Dare (week 2)

So much to be thankful for this week, but I didn't take many pictures... Until Saturday!

We had a little fun on Saturday night with a campfire... We roasted hot dogs for dinner and S'mores for dessert. And had the pleasure of watching and listening to my kids have a blast playing and using their imaginations!! I had fun taking pictures until my husband told me to put my camera down and enjoy the family time! :)

It's a little scary that there are only two weeks of "summer" left! (although I am looking forward to having a routine again)  This has been a most lazy summer for us. No routines, no major plans, no super busy activities. Just a whole lot of hanging out doing nothing!  We've enjoyed the library a lot and park days with friends and lots of just sitting around at home. Giving thanks every day for this home, this mountain, these acres of playland...

and these kids...

Aren't these just the most beautiful kids ever?


August 8 gifts in SUMMER:

702. kids playing outside all day
703. open windows, breezes
704. crickets/peepers at night.

August 9:

705. HOLE-trashcans to keep junk contained
706. WHOLE-cup of coffee I enjoyed all day
707. HALF-little treats in moderation

August 10 Hard Eucharisteo:

708. having to pay $10 for immunization records for school entry (thankful my kids are protected against disease and for a school to attend)
709. When the words won't come and blog sits blank (not the end of the world)
710. shopping for school supplies

August 11 METAL:

711. the skillet that my husband uses to make pancakes every Saturday

712. van that fits our family, gets us where we want to go
713. wedding bands

714. campfire roasting sticks

August 12 gifts half-hidden

715. leftover pizza warming in the oven
716. sun reflected in an open window
717. 5YO girl in her bunkbed tent.
718. visitor fox on Saturday morning... sighted through the leaves

August 13 GREEN

719. the return of green grass after a very dry July
720. eating a health salad for lunch
721. freshly washed bed sheets
722. returning to reading The Valley of Vision


  1. These would be awesome pictures to update the 4 I have of your kids. =) I can't believe you are at 722. I am still in the 600s. I better get counting!

  2. I love the picture of "Pumpkin" and all of your babies:-) God is good.

  3. Wow! Those eyes are amazing!,

    1. I know... I love them and have been so blessed!


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