Tuesday, August 28

Great Reads of August

Sharing the love and some goodness that I've read over the month of August... be sure to check a few of them out... or all of them!!

1.  I found this post through a comment on another post... but I needed it at the beginning of the month and I need it again now! My online time really needs to have more purpose... and to cut out the amount of time on facebook! I need to do that!
"Social media comes with a cost. We spend our time, our mental energy, and our emotions on social media."

2.  As someone who has struggled with the baby blues, and consistent down in the dumps, pessimistic outlook on life, I needed this post on beating the blues... it was a guest post. The 2 I want to work on most are "Lower Your Expectations!" and "Change the way you talk to Yourself!" Lots of other great wisdom, check it out.
"Lower your expectations to a more realistic level, and feel the tension shift. AND  It’s hard to feel good about yourself when your inner voice is talking trash."

3.   14 things to do before the end of summer. You would think I could have done this... but I still have a ways to go on this list! :) I must be more intentional"It’s never the wasting of time that hurts so much as the wasting of ourselves."  Be Grateful!

4.   Do you ever find yourself feeling like someone of the Bible? This post from Shannon, so resonates with my heart! And I'm thankful that God uses the people of the Bible to show His love for us today!  Go, and "find yourself in the pages of God's Word!"

5.   Here is a practical post that is so useful as we get ready to start another school year! At least two of my kids are old enough to start helping with their lunch prep and this handy sheet will make it so much easier!!

6.  The importance of community... finding a place to belong!!

7.  I hate disagreeing with anyone... I'm more likely to just keep my mouth shut and avoid confrontation, which can be sometimes good, sometimes bad...  Becky's (or actually her husband's) 3 Rules for Disagreeing are great and can be used in any situation!!

8.   Rules without relationship... a DAILY BATTLE for me! I like to see things done right and done right the first time... and sometimes I forget to show the grace and invest in the time it takes to learn how to do things right!!

9.   Just a little reassurance that there is a place out there for my voice, my blog... My ship has not yet sailed... and neither has yours!!

10.   and a prayer for girls... so beautifully written! I am hoping to print this out and to pray this over my girls on a regular basis!!  Starting with my sweet 5YO who will be six next week!!

bonus:  I want to be a better writer. This article was a little kick in the pants that I might need to read every week.. just write NOW

Top Ten Tuesday at Many Little Blessings

Do you have any good reads to share?

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