Monday, August 27

August Joy Dare (week 4)

the real me...just Julie

So Monday was the first day of class for me... just one class this semester, three times a week times 16 weeks... I only have 47 more to go... minus a few breaks in there, so at least 40 more classes to attend... and lots of reading reports to write, and some essays.

I'm afraid that my blogging might just suffer, which is why this post is getting put out on Tuesday morning, but I will be post dating it for "Multitude Mondays"!!  Somewhere in there I have to keep my house clean, feed my kids, make sure that meals are on the table and keep my sanity... 

which is why I really appreciated the Allume blog post today... Just keeping it REAL! I don't have it all together, and sometimes it shows up on the blog, sometimes I hide it! But I'm so excited about meeting other women at Allume Social who don't have it all together and are full of grace for the rest of us!!

and Jessica's post on Finding what you are made for, because that's what this writing class is all about for me... to find out if this is what I'm made for.

But I also know that I am made for giving thanks, all glory to the One who made me (are you made for giving thanks? tweet this!) ..."to do everything I do to the glory of the One who made me..." If you don't have the song stuck in your head yet, take a minute to listen to it!! LOVE IT!!

So here is my thanks... my 1000gifts... my JoyDare

August 20 SERVING:
742. making and serving breakfast, lunch, dinner for the family
743. service of friendship w/ friends via phone
744. Hubby helping with after dinner clean up!

August 21
745. Straight: rulers in a wreath.
746. Curve: husband coming around the bend every night.
747. Turn: turning pages of textbook for class!

August 22 in LIGHT:
748. electricity --It's a wonderful thing
749. sunlight --can't live without it
750. Jesus, the Light of the world.

August 23 OLD:
751. friends, old and new;
752. seeing the moon in the sky
753. the timeless Word of God
754. old stash of unused glo-sticks!

August 24 MOVING:
755. we moved into this awesome house 2 years ago this weekend
756. the shutter on my camera moving as I experiment
757. kids upstairs, downstairs, outside, on the porch...

August 25 FRAGILE: 
758. broken glass one hurt
759. 4 little hearts entrusted to me
760. raindrops

August 26:
761. Cut: creating with paper and glitter
762. Sewn: hearts bound with friends
763. Buttoned: keeping my mouth shut at the right times

August 27 NEW:
764. First day of my class
765. New school building for my kids
766. trying my hand at poetry...


  1. What a great post, and a wonderful adventure you have started!Being honest with where we are, and discovering who we were created to be is (I think)exactly where God wants us to be, and He gives so much Grace in all of it! So excited for you, and can't wait for Allume!

    1. Woot! Can't wait to meet you! thanks for the encouragement!

  2. So many I can agree with! Great list. Best wishes in school. :)

    1. thanks, I love reviewing God's blessings in my life!

  3. I think it's great you're taking a writing class. I want to hear more about it when me do Google Hangout.


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