Sunday, September 2

Fear of the Lord

Are you looking for confidence? a place a refuge? a fountain of life???  I've got the answer... or rather, God's Word has the answer!

Fear the LORD

Proverbs 14:26-27

 In the fear of the Lord is strong confidence:
and his children shall have a place of refuge.
The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life,
to depart from the snares of death.



  1. I'm stopping by from Jumping Tandem today!
    I love Sundays! Thank you for your wonderful words.
    I attended the online Saddleback Church service today to hear Nick Vujicic. His words truly touched my heart. I can not believe how emotional I still am.
    "If I fail, I try again,again,and again.. If you fail, are you going to try again? If you can't get miracle, become one". Nick Vujicic

  2. Yes! Indeed. Fear of the Lord... and all the blessings that come from living life for Him! Thank you for sharing this scripture. Stopping by from Sunday Community! Blessings~

  3. Love it verse with the image, the fountain flows so freely and full, just like his love for us.

  4. AMEN! He's the One we can rely upon and count on. And the "fear" of Him is piles and piles of trust and respect for HIS guidance and instruction. So, day to day, moment to moment, I "fear" Him.


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