Saturday, September 1

Project 52 -- Endless Summer

It's appropriate that this week's theme for Project 52 is Endless Summer, because we got a bonus week of summer.

Our kids' private school was able to add a new building to the high school campus so that our elementary could be there to! We are on one campus... which means the little kids get use of the gym, etc!  Well the building wasn't quite ready so school doesn't start till after Labor Day, so we enjoyed a few more summer days.

One day this week we spent some time checking out the pears in the pear tree... getting close to ripe and there are lots. And the kids did some more tree climbing, in the apple tree... :)  and I got some fresh air, took some pictures and enjoyed my kids!

What are some things you do "One More Time" before summer is over?

P52 with Kent Weakley

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  1. Delightful pictures! Looks like your children will have wonderful memories from their childhood. What better way to spend a summer than climbing trees and being outdoors!

  2. lovely, real kids... it's difficult to find some adventurous kids enjoying nature in such a tech era...


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