Friday, September 21

Five Minute Friday --Wide

Friday is one of my favorite days of the week... the blog has been quiet... just a few things here and there, ... not much writing. But on Friday, fine Lisa-Jo gives us something to write about.  I never really know where the prompt is going to take me, but I love to share it and I love the community, because on Fridays, it's a guarantee that I am going to get comments for my blog friends. I'm so thankful for this community, and if I was a night owl, I would join the #FMFParty on twitter from 11 til midnight (give or take an hour on either side) :)

Five Minute Friday

there is nothing quite like it!

Five Minute Friday --WIDE

I'm a North East kind of girl. Grew up in Western New York, moved to Pennsylvania for college... and marriage. Never been farther west than Toledo, Ohio, although I have made it to Canada a few times and Florida occasionally (which is really just a bunch of Northerners that can't take the snow).

My circle of influence is small, a few close friends, a great church. My growing up years are ONE school, ONE home, ONE church. I don't do change well. I like small and intimate.

Then I started blogging and a whole new world opened up. Add twitter to that and I have friends all over the world. I converse with Ireland, Italy, California, the west side of Canada, the mid west, the South... and it's fun... and amazing.

And in just ONE MONTH (and a few days) I'm going to get to meet some of these friends face to face (and I'm a little nervous) ... I originally typed scared to death, but my Allume roomies are going to hold my hand and help me with that.

It's a little bit how I imagine heaven is going to be. All different kinds of people, from different walks of life, cultures, etc., all meeting together and having all things in common.


What comes to your mind when you hear the word WIDE?

 I'm thankful for a WIDE community!

(so I wrote this out this morning, but finally had some time to get it on my blog. I find the thoughts flow better with a pen in hand)


  1. :) Yes, that does sound a little like heaven is going to be!

  2. Ah, it is so much more fun when you live a wide open life. Don't be scared! We are going to have the best time!!!!

  3. Oh, Julie, don't let yourself be anxious in a fearful way. This is going to be amazing. Can not wait to meet you and all the other lovlies I've gotten to know. Big hugs are coming your way!!!

  4. I have just recently discovered the Allume blog, and have been really enjoying it. I too have been very encouraged by the community that blogging gives to me. I hope you have a great time at your conference!
    Visiting from 5MF

  5. Yay! I'll be there and I'm super excited to match so many 5 minute Friday gals with their real life selves. You can add the Pacific Northwest to your circle, I'm in Oregon. ;)

  6. You can add me to your Pacific Northwest list! WA state right now but grew up in FL. So glad you are stretching into a wider community, it's worth it!


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