Saturday, September 22

Project 52 --Birds/Flying

I love birds... big ones, little ones, middle sized ones! They all impress me! and I love how they show the diversity of God!! I've taken lots of great pictures of birds over the years, mostly since I moved out to the country. Birds abound out here!! 

I thought for sure, I would see geese flying south this week and I was looking forward to grabbing my camera and capturing the moment for this week's Project 52 theme... but alas, that hasn't happened yet! I was sitting in my bedroom one day and heard the honking out my window, but by the time I found my camera and went running to the back porch and then to the front door, they were nowhere to be seen... :( 

So here are a few of my favorite bird pictures!!

teeny tiny hummingbird sitting on my clothesline on a rainy day this summer

normally you think of robins in the Spring, but every time I see one now, I wonder if it's the last one of the season.

although they aren't flying in this picture, the springtime turkeys never cease in impress me!

P52 with Kent Weakley

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  1. I was just thinking it's about time to fire up the bird feeder. I love birds too.

  2. We've been noticing more robins staying here in Minnesota during the winter. They used to always fly south. The turkey picture is great! The males look so handsome with their tail feathers displayed.

  3. You have some awesome shots! I left you a little treat on my post today.


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