Saturday, September 8

Project 52 -- Back to School

The Project 52 theme this week is Back to School.

Now, if you follow my blog more than just on Saturdays for my photography prowess (haha), you will already know that I did NOT sent my kids back to school this week. So I had to get creative with my photography in anticipation for when they will actually go back to school. I won't bore you with the story again, just go here to read it.

and enjoy my posed pictures...

 Four brand new pairs of sneakers... courtesy of Grandma!! :)

and backpacks (not all new)

P52 with Kent Weakley

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  1. Looks like they are all ready to go when the school opens! You've had to do a lot of juggling during the past couple of weeks it sounds like while the school is getting ready to have kids there.

  2. Clean shoes! I'll bet they won't be that squeaky clean for long!!!

  3. I love it when the grandparents take care of the shoes. Buying so many all at once gets so expensive!


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