Saturday, November 17

A month of Project 52

I have come to the conclusion that I am not a photographer... just because I use a camera, that does not make me a photographer.  I am however, a moment capturer, a memory keeper, snapshot taker, a noticer of God's beautiful creation.

I do hate leaving things undone, however, so I will make an attempt to finish out the year of Project 52.
Here are some of the ones I missed last month!

Week 41 – October 6 – October 12: Cool Evenings

Week 42 – October 13 – October 19: Sad (never ending days of gray sky makes me sad....)

Week 43 – October 20 – October 26: Leaves

Week 44 – October 27 – November 2: Happy Halloween!

Week 45 – November 3 – November 9: Happy (my kids make me happy... little gifts make them happy)

Week 46 – November 10 – November 16: Harvest/Autumn

attempting to finish Project 52

P52 with Kent Weakley

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  1. I love your photography posts because I get to see pics of your cute kiddos ;)


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