Wednesday, November 21

Christmas shopping at Dayspring

Is anybody out there done Christmas shopping yet?
Has anybody even started Christmas shopping yet?
Are you a plan ahead type of person, or a procrastinate until the last minute person?
I'm mostly a procrastinator until it comes to shopping at Dayspring! I'm always shopping through out the year and stashing them in my closet for Christmas! :)

I really meant to get this info up for you earlier this week, and it just didn't happen! I really don't want you guys to miss out on this AWESOME sale!! So hopefully you will be online at some point this weekend and will go check it out!  I have become quite the shopper at Dayspring! They have so many incredibly awesome products and I'm always on the look out for a great sale!

and here is one you should go check out!

You can even get 30% off the clearance items from DaySpring!

and these Super Deals... There are 24 (that's TWENTY-FOUR) awesome products with prices that can't be beat! I will say that I already own the Inspirational Message Blocks, (I bought them on a super sale before and I love them... and my kids love them and use them to work on spelling (shh, they don't know they are learning)

(you can NOT get an additional 30% off the Super Deals...or else they might be free)

be sure to check it out! Great Christmas ideas and presents! Remember both of these sales are only good through November 26, so get on it!! :)

I would love to hear in the comments, which item do you like the best from the Super Deals?
and are you done Christmas shopping or haven't you even started?

ps. I'm experimenting with affiliate links, so if you make a purchase through one of these links, I will earn a small percentage.

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  1. I started crafting, but not shopping or baking. Thanks for this tip. I'll check it out. Happy Thanksgiving, friend.


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