Wednesday, November 28

November Joy Dare

Life seems to get busier as we near the end of the year and sometimes in my busyness, I forget to count the gifts. One week, I didn't write a single thing in my notebook, but it did my heart good to go back and count and search and dig and find, gifts abundant.

So here it is, my praise song to Jesus. Thank you for the gifts, the graces, the blessings this November...
(without any pictures because my blog storage is full... help???)

JoyDare N
983. nest ring (which has since broken... must re-glue)
984. nice neighbors
985. naps
986. Nutella on toast

987. my hubby cleaning and reorganizing the fridge after hurricane Sandy
988. pizza for dinner
989. early night time

990. sax addition to church worship team
991. "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe!"
992. encouraging words and hugs
993. groceries and laundry

JoyDare (acorn small)
994. spark of electricity flowing through my house
995. coffee cream in my cup
996. the hearts of my kids

997. bacon
998. Christmas music, early
999. the right to vote
1000. freedom of religion
1001. God's sovereignty
1002. sunshine, glorious sunshine
1003. morning snack with Sienna

1004. always thankful for the view out my window.
1005. reading/studying Amos
1006. writing critique from my BBT friends (masterminds :)
1007. heat in my van and house

  • SWEET: Dove Dark chocolate
  • SALTY: tortilla chips w/ salsa
  • SIPPED: coffee
  • strawberry jam
  • discipline brings a harvest of righteousness
  • grace
  • the excitement of first wiggly teeth
  • writing
  • Five Minute Friday

  • sleeping in
  • pancakes made by my sweet husband!
  • kitchen cleaned by the kids and hubby
  • Col. 1:12 Giving thanks unto the Father, who hath delivered us from power of darkness
  • Col. 1:17 He is before all things!
  • a day off social media
  • singing with 6YO 
  • playing with my new phone
  • Wes teaching in ABF (adult Bible fellowship)
  • the laundromat
  • little girls dancing at laundromat
  • graham cracker snack
  • a love note in the snow dusting
  • grocery shopping
  • Wegmans White Christmas blend coffee
  • an email from Holley Gerth re: God-Sized Dreams Team
  • quiet in the library

    (Golden JoyDare)
  • sunrise turning golden
  • making pumpkin cookies
  • golden wedding rings

    (JoyDare Hard Eucharisteo)
  • consequences
  • tears and headaches
  • washing dirty dishes
  • adults that will always be kids
  • practical jokers
  • good clean fun
  • recounting memories
  • "Progressive" dinner with ABF
  • morning frost on fields, weeds and leaves
  • lives MADE new
  • testimonies SHARED
  • goodly heritage PASSED ON thru generations
  • baptisms at church

    (JoyDare AUTUMN)
  • apple pie
  • thanksgiving Indian costumes
  • extra blankets
  • vibrant sunsets
  • bread machines
  • baking pies
  • hubby hanging Christmas lights
  • an excursion to Sam's Club ... and Hobby Lobby
  • Texas Roadhouse rolls
  • Dark Chocolate with Mint
  • Psalm 100
  • turkey in the oven
  • apples and walnuts in stuffing
  • after dinner walk
  • staying up late for #FMFParty

    (JoyDare in Christ)
  • unending grace
  • spiritual family
  • hope, joy, peace (Rom 15:13)
  • vintage jewelry
  • early Christmas
  • a working washing machine
  • kids trying out new scooters
  • leftovers
  • buying new Christmas lights
  • apple pie and vintage Fiesta dishes
  • "Take time to be holy, ... spend much time in secret, with Jesus alone"
  • excessive laughter with friends
  • seeing 8 deer the night before hunting season began
  • pajama day
  • smooth day with hubby gone
  • my dishwasher
  • Vicks Vaporub
  • sale prices
  • HANDMADE scarves from MIL
  • HAPPY moments of 4YO catching snowflakes on her tongue
  • ending the day HOLDING my 6YO for some extra loving time

and the list goes on and on and I lose count!! :)

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