Thursday, November 1

When life doesn't return to normal

So a week ago at this time, I was furiously finishing my packing to head to Harrisburg for the much anticipated Allume Social ... which lived up to and beyond all its expectations!

This Thursday I am in temporary housing, waiting for power to be restored to my home, mourning the loss of items in fridge/freezer, giving thanks for friends and many other blessings.

Being that it is November 1 (HOW did that happen?), I thought I would just give some thanks as processing all of Allume is difficult with my kids STILL off school and us so totally off routine!

I am thankful for meeting online friends in real life and finding them ever as wonderful as I imagined.

I am thankful for my house on the mountain, no fear of flooding.

I am thankful for flashlights and candles.

I am thankful for friends who lend their home for showers and laundry.

I am thankful for temporary housing ... with internet.

I am thankful for health and safety.

I am thankful for chocolate and coffee.

I am thankful for God's Word.

What are you thankful for today?

expect to hear more about Allume in the coming days... there was a lot of goodness and I definitely want to tell you ALL about it!


  1. Oh Julie, God is good, isn't He!!

  2. And thankful that you didn't have to worry about your own broken washing machine and broken clothes line. Right? Hee hee!!! I'm thankful for you today and your beautiful cards that I am sending to people I love.

  3. I am so thankful for getting to drive with you and that I did not freak you out...too much....and I am thankful that since returning from Allume i have had this incredible sense of peace in the midst of all this "storm"! here???? Oy!

  4. I am thankful that you are warm and safe... and that no one stole your purse! (heehee) so glad you shared your thankful heart!

  5. Thinking of you Julie! It was good to meet you at Allume, even if we only talked for a moment :)

  6. I'm thankful for you Julie! Glad you and yours are safe. Hugs, sweet sister!

  7. So thankful to have met you. Such sweetness oozing out!!


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