Monday, October 29

Returning Home

I'm still working on my post-Allume blogpost, but just wanted to share a little of my yesterday... returning home!

There is something about returning home after a few days away. It starts with the familiar roads, familiar sites, favorite stores and coffee shops.

For me, it's the country roads, the rolling hills still beautiful with a few fall leaves sparkling in the distance. Then it's the long winding driveway, up past the barn and toward the house. The familiar sound of the garage door opener and the excitement of my son's face as he enters the garage, ready for a hug and willing to help with all the Allume goodies.

The strong tight hugs of three little blonde haired girls, the youngest almost knocking me over as I lift her into my arms ... and my back spasms.

There is the giddiness as I talk through as much of my weekend as possible with my husband, as my kids try to talk over me in an effort to share their exciting weekend.

Its being able to gift them with U-Neeks, fun little creatures available from Dayspring, and listen to their (unique) imaginations take off.

It's being thrown back into the swing of things as my kids head off to Christmas play practice and we gather with friends. Friends who love me enough to want to hear a bit about my conference, even if they don't quite understand my online community.

It's praying with my kids and tucking them into bed and asking their favorite things of the day--- and the whole weekend. It's a few extra hugs and kisses from the little ones.

It's snuggling up beside my hubby on the couch and watching a weird movie and checking all the Allume tweets and catching up on my neglected Words with Friends games.

It's a HOT shower with real water pressure, in case Sandy comes early and I lose that option. It's sliding in to my own bed, snuggled up to my man and giving thanks because I am so blessed.

It's also missing so many of my "new" friends, most of them already friends made out there in the world wide web.

It's home ... where I belong!


  1. I enjoyed meeting you this weekend! I hope we can keep in touch! :)

  2. Glad you are home safe and sound :-)

  3. I forgot we even took that picture. Love! Hope power comes back on today. {Hugs}


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