Saturday, December 8

Christmas Traditions

What is it about the word tradition that just conjures up happy thoughts?

Traditions and Christmas often go hand-in-hand. From my childhood it resurrects decadent cream cheese brownies, peanut butter balls (a little different from buckeyes), and funky cookies that only mom liked. I remember the Christmas decorations popping up sporadically and we would rush in the house after school anxious to see who could discover the newest Christmas accent to fill our home.

I remember the Jesus box, typically a Christmas wrapped shoe box with a slit on top, sitting in the living room all of December for each family member to add money throughout the month. And mom and dad deciding who to bless with our gift to Jesus at Christmas time.

I remember new pajamas every Christmas Eve, stockings, Christmas cards and presents. I don't ever remember lacking.

I also have no memory of family excursions to pick out the Christmas tree. All I can remember is it appearing in our living room while we were at school.

I remember singing "We wish you a Merry Christmas" as we tromped down the stairs to "wake" mom and dad, although Dad had already had his first cup of tea and Mom had the monkey bread ready for the oven.

I remember sitting in anticipation, looking at all the gifts under the trees as I tried to listen (and focus on my father's reading of the Christmas story. Some years it seemed very long. That was probably the year I got the Hot Wheels motorized race track for Christmas. (I spent quite a few years of my childhood being a tomboy).

I remember the fake mistletoe in the hallway, and the angel on top of the tree --always an angel.

I remember bringing some of these traditions into my new family at marriage --still the angel on top of the tree. Still the scrambled eggs and monkey bread for Christmas morning breakfast.

But all the cookies, they come from his family traditions, except the cream cheese brownies. I finally attempted them myself just 2 years ago!

And we read the Christmas story before we open gifts.  But for us, It's a family excursion to get the Christmas tree. It may be precut, but it's still a fun adventure.

Our pastor spoke on traditions this week... on spiritual family traditions from 1 Peter.
1. Establish a God-Fearing Life
2. Establish a Heart-Felt Love
3. Establish a Word-Focused Longing

Do you have any of these spiritual traditions?
What Christmas traditions do you have from childhood?
and what new ones are you creating with your kids?

this is a late addition to the Christmas bloghop I'm participating in with some of my blog friends...
Be sure to visit Katharine... she's our host this week!!.


  1. I remember one time we went to get the tree out behind Mrs. Hess's house. Love your memories! Can't wait to go home. =)

  2. Oh I love the idea of a Jesus box! I might start that this year. I always make canned cinnamon rolls on Christmas dad did for us growing up and even though I can make great ones from scratch now, my son doesn't want anything different than the canned now :)

  3. Loved the memories! We finally put up the ornaments and I love the memory of a new ornament from Mom each year. I put them up and tell my kids "only Holly and I have this one" or "this one is before Melissa was born" etc. and mom made cream cheese brownies last week - so delicious!!

    1. love you guys, The cookies are made,... the Jesus box has some offerings in it-...the tree goes up tomorrow, ...the cards are almost done...the fake mistletoe is right where it always is... can't wait-i have some more shopping to do, or should we try $$ :>)

  4. Beautiful memories.. and great looking monkey bread! I love the Jesus box idea!


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