Tuesday, January 15

Do What You Can


This week's step in our God-sized Dreams journey is to share a "do what you can" step. Just one small thing to move forward in your God-sized Dream.

What did I do this week to move forward in my God-sized Dreams?

I look back on my God-sized dream statements.

I believe God has created and called me to serve and support my family through encouraging, serving, cooking, and listening. 

I also believe God has created and called me to encourage and support other women through writing my stories, creating handmade cards, and connecting through both cards and stories.

And I think about my week and opportunities that God gave me and I know He is directing in my God-sized Dreams. I didn't even realizing how I was taking small steps, but here are some things that happened for me this week.

PART 1: my family
  • I actually READ out loud to one of my daughters... more than once. It's a grace thing because reading out loud isn't one of my favorite things to do.
  • I successfully meal-planned one week, thanks to a handy meal-planning assistant made for me by my sister-in-law.
  • I continue with a mini-minute with my kids before bed, just asking them one of their favorite things in the day.

PART 2: others

  • I successfully completed one week of my Creative Writing class in an effort to improve my writing techniques to better minister to others
  • I spent Saturday creating handmade notecards for a special order and for future opportunities
  • Photobucket
  • I SOLD a card on my Artfire shop (this happens about once a year, so I'm losing money on my shop, but haven't figured out how I should be doing this)
  • I signed up to help co-host an (in)RL meetup, although the details still need to be worked out.

Just a few small things, but more than enough to get me started.

Connect with me:
What dreams do you have? and what One Small Step can you take today toward pursuing that dream? How can I pray for you in this area?


  1. Julie Anne, I am encouraged by the steps you are taking, being faithful in the everyday things in your life. I love how you said that you hadn't realized the way God had been working and directing your dreams and your steps until you started thinking back over the week. I appreciated doing this as well because I was able to rejoice in the good things He is doing. Bless you, sister, as you continue to move forward faithfully with Him, day by day.

    1. Thank you friend, for your encouragement!

  2. wow.. way to take steps . This was an encouragement to me. And your cards are beautiful!

  3. This is great, Julie!!! Thank you for sharing and I will continue to follow along!

    1. Glad to have you along for the journey!!

  4. Cool steps this week. I love your creativity :) How you are able to juggle all of that is amazing to me.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your meal planner board!!! I NEED to copy that idea! Its PERFECT..BEAUTIFUL...and FUNCTIONAL!!! LOVE!!!


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