Monday, January 14

In Real Life Community

Do you remember junior high?

Maybe you had two groups of friends... your school friends and your church friends? and while you loved them both, you never really mixed them together. Your church friends didn't go to any of your school activities, never came to your sports events, never came to the school friend's birthday parties ... and your school friends? They didn't mix too well with your church friends. They had their own lives so you didn't invite them to the church, to special events, to youth activities.

No, that wasn't you? Maybe it was just me. Maybe I have a personality flaw.

Because it has happened to me again.

I have two great communities of friends that know nothing about each other.

I have my in real life friends. The ones I go to church with every Sunday. The ones whose kids go to school with my kids. The ones who call me on the phone and I don't mind chatting (even though I HATE the phone). The ones who have seen me freaking out over some child's latest mishap, the ones who have seen me cry. The ones (you know who you are) that MIGHT read this blog every time I share it on facebook, but NEVER comment.

And then there is my online community. I call them my twitter friends, my blog friends, my (in)courage friends, my Allume friends. The ones that up until this past October, I had never met in real life ... and some I still haven't met, YET! The ones that respond to my twitter updates, that love and encourage me across the miles. The ones that read my blog posts and cheer me on in writing, in child rearing, in crafting, in home-making. The ones who are friends, even if we have never talked on the phone (because I hate it so much). The ones who "get me."

I have an opportunity to combine these two communities!  It's called (in)RL! It's a weekend conference! It's right here in my home town (and in your hometown) and IT'S FREE!!

Mark the date on your Calendar! April 26-27, 2013!

I really felt God was directing me to reach out and host (or co-host) one of these local meet-ups, as part of my #GodsizedDreams to Create this year... to create connections and community!  And then I looked at the date and I wavered (there is a family conflict) ... would you pray with me, that all the details will work themselves out?

If you are one of my local in real life friends (or just a reader I've never met that happens to live in the Clarks Summit/Scranton PA area), would you consider joining us? I'm hoping to make it spectacular! I'm even planning some giveaways, free stuff ... and of course, there will be chocolate!

Go to this page to join the Clarks Summit (in)RL community!!

Please join me!!

Click here to visit the (in)RL page to register and find out more. Because:

  1. It’s FREE!
  2. Everyone who registers today and TODAY ONLY gets a copy of our (in)courage 365 Daybrightener while supplies last (US residents only).
  3. Everyone who registers TODAY AND EVERY DAY gets a copy of our first eBook: Best of the Beach House 2012: A Collection of Your Favorite Posts from the Writers of (in)courage.


  1. I am thinking of hosting one, but honestly I'm a little nervous. I don't have a whole lot of IN REAL LIFE friends, and I don't know anyone here locally who even BLOGS. EEK

    1. I get this, friend!! I know of groups that only had a few last year! The videos are so incredible and apply to more than just bloggers!! Last year I wasn't able to host a group ( still not sure about this year) but I went on faith started a meetup and ALREADY there is one other person in my area that registered today! So excited about where God is going to take this!

    2. Just do it! You won't be sorry. It's not for bloggers only. Even if only one other person comes, you will have a great time of fellowhship. Try publicizing the event at a local church or on a bulletin board at local businesses. This is a great way to begin making friends.

  2. I SO get about the conflict thing! My church is hosting a church-wide conference, which I am happy about because I do want to be more involved, but it is THE SAME WEEKEND! Yikes! So I registered and figured...I will just see what happens....

    Praying for you!! Love your dream!

    1. That is the advantage of it being free! Nothing lost by registering and always the chance to watch the videos alone late at night!! Praying it works out, for both of us!! :)

  3. Do you want to borrow my chocolate fountain? Yum!! I will be praying for you. So, why is it all about?

    1. a great conference where you don't have to pay for travel, lodging, etc! it's on community and mentoring in real life!! Good stuff ... and I'll get back to you on the fountain! :)

  4. Since you halfway called me out as one of those people who always reads, but never comments, don't worry! You weren't the only one with two separate groups of friends. And I would totally come to the meet up if I were in the area.

    1. Awesomeness! Thanks for the comment! :)


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