Monday, April 29

Five Minute Friday: Friend

Five Minute Friday

Five Minute Friday always gets written in the leftovers and sometimes there are no leftovers and no writing. When I saw the prompt friend this week, I immediately had 2 or 3 ideas pop into my head, but by the time I could sit down and write, those ideas had fled! I hate the leftovers... but it gave me another idea for my 5 minutes.

Start: Friend

Sometimes, If I'm honest-- most times, my friends, my real-life-I-can-touch friends get my leftovers. {I'm not proud of this fact and I want to change this}

  • I'll call her ... after I get my laundry started.
  • I'll meet you for coffee ...after my homework is done.
  • Go to Salvation Army together on half-price Wednesday? Nope, I'm too busy picking up the pieces of a house showing serious signs of being lived in.
  • I should really have so-and-so and her family over for dinner, but we already have Awana and karate and... and I would rather veg on the couch this evening.

A man that hath friends mush show himself friendly--- what does friendly look like?

Is it just a smile and a wave in pickup line at school?
Is it a deep felt but short "How are you, really?" on Sunday?
Is it a 10 minute phone call, when it's convenient for my schedule?

Is it stepping out of my comfort zone, risking rejection and inviting someone to my home even when my fridge is nearly empty and I desperately need to go grocery shopping.
Is it writing an encouragement note from my heart for ONE instead of writing a blog post for many ... or a few.
Is it meeting for coffee, praying together, being authentic, making a sacrifice.

Being a friend takes effort. Are you willing?

Am I willing?

Community Conversation: What is one way you connect with your local friends?


  1. Julie Anne,
    This is something I think we all struggle with. We are not necessarily called to do all things, but rather some things well. Give yourself grace and find out what your few tings are. Great Post!

    1. Oh I struggle so much with figuring out what MY FEW THINGS are!! thanks for the push to do some things WELL!!

  2. A good reminder to value the time we have now with the friends that God brings into our lives. A wonderful post! Thanks!
    More Grace, Donna (visiting from FMF)

    1. Isn't that what it is about... valuing what God brings into our lives... friends or otherwise!
      thanks for visiting

  3. How sad that I read this hours ago and am just now coming back?!? Hmmm.. I think we are all guilty of this one friend.

    1. Thanks so much for coming back! :) I so often read a great post and never get back to comment on it!

  4. Loved popping over to you from 5MF and thanks for visiting me. So worth effort to spend time with friends :) And yes,sometimes being a busy mamma, one wants to just flop on the couch :)


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