Wednesday, May 1

When my (in)RL meetup didn't happen

Early this week, I posted about the effort involved in being a friend. I would love to have you join the conversation.
I feel like a failure in this area. I feel like my local friends don't understand my online friendships, but I desperately wanted to introduce them to each other during (in)RL ... I'm sorry to say that didn't happen.

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The post I wrote back in January? I'm all talk, no action. The whole idea of hosting an (in)RL meetup was terrifying to me... terrifying enough that I didn't make the effort, didn't pursue and invite and encourage my local friends to attend, didn't find childcare for my kids... the list of excuses is endless.
Partly because my husband's work schedule created a conflict, but mostly because I was lazy, I ended up doing (in)RL all by myself with a huge pile of laundry while the kids had quiet time, and finished it up while they were outside running off some energy.

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And all those stories on community and staying and mentoring, they spoke to my heart and encouraged me. And I loved following the tweets and instagram shots of those across the country that were a part of (in)RL. But it could have been soo much more.

Imagine if I had made the effort to see if I could have hosted an event in my church building and invite ladies of all ages to be a part (side note: there was a conflict at church, too, but that is not the point). We have mentors in our church, and we have mentorees (is that a word?) in our church, too. But to grow that ministry and to encourage more women to step out and ask for a mentor... Well, this would have been the perfect opportunity.

I don't have the answers and I don't know if I will be any more successful next year, but I am being honest with you. I have a desire (maybe even a God-sized Dream) to be better at community!!

Some things I loved about (in)RL...

  • Seeing the lovely faces of those dear friends that I met face to face at Allume.
  • Hearing those voices again... I love voices (which is kinda funny because I hate the phone)
  • Being challenged and encouraged to stay... even when it's difficult
  • Listening to others tell their mentor stories... and giving thanks for my mentor
  • Listening to the Incourage writers read their blog posts out loud... again with the treasure of voice.
  • AND the "bloopers" reel... I watched it AT LEAST three times!!

It was such a blessing to watch these videos as I experienced "real life" ... folding laundry, loving my kids, feeding my kids, breaking up fights, missing my husband, laughing and crying and connecting on twitter...

I've been blessed!

If you don't want to wait until next year (and I hope you don't) to be a part of the (in)courage community, stop by and join their incourager groups... there is something for everyone!

and they have a facebook page


  1. Julie I can so relate...I don't think my friends here "get" the blogging community! I did host and there were 4 of us total and it was a consider trying again next year and I will be praying that you too find someone that will "get" you...and praying that for myself as well! :)

    1. thank you for your encouragement! So glad that you had a blessing with 4!! :)

  2. My friend... I was in the same place. Last year I hosted...and no one signed up! I will be praying for both of us. There is good in this because He is good, and one day I think all of this solitary will be an amazing tool for the community! ♥

    1. Next year... I'm coming to your place! oh, wait, that means I need a passport! :)

  3. It is so hard insn't it... when we want to reach out and want to be part of something bigger than ourselves. I had great plans as well for a meet-up but my exam schedule got in the way... I just wanted to say friend good for you for taking the time to enjoy (in)RL in your real life... I did the same and it changed me. Hopefully next year I'll be able to participate. Can't wait to meet you at Allume this year!

    1. eek! Can't wait to meet you at Allume!!!

  4. I skipped (in)RL last year because I was too scared. I am glad I went this year because now I DO finally feel apart of the 'community'.
    The videos they shared this year were amazing, such God words! I see such value in having a mentor, but still have NO clue who I would ask!!

    1. So glad you found community! Praying God's direction for a mentor!!

  5. Love you girl! Your honesty is beautiful and I have no doubt that God will bless your desire for community. He is good like that!
    (And hey, I KNOW you know where Rochester is... :) )

  6. So glad you watched along, regardless. :) Thanks for your honesty, and I so hope you'll be a part again next year. :)


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