Thursday, April 18

Pierced on Good Friday

While you were all attending Good Friday services and being solemn, and taking communion, and thinking on Jesus Christ and his death on the cross; I was on a sister date ... a hang out at the mall, go shopping, drink coffee together, tell stories and laugh a lot kind of sister date--minus one sister. :(

Part of this date included my little sister holding my hand and doing all the talking at Piercing Pagoda, because as bad as I wanted it, and love to accessorize, I knew that I would never get my ears pierced by myself! --it's expensive, y'all--or maybe I'm just cheap!

So, I sit in the chair and she marks my ears and gets her "gun" ready and she pierces me ... and in a flash of minor pain, all I can think about is Jesus Christ and how he was pierced FOR ME--and it wasn't a little earring stud. It was...

A crown of thorns in His head

Nails (railroad spike size) in His hands and feet

A whip on His back

FOR ME and my sins...

It's been over a week now (almost 3 now that I'm finally getting this post published) and my ears are still a little tender. I'm getting used to these expensive Cubic Zirconiums in my ears, but then one of my kids hugs me too tight and bumps my ear, or my tanktop snags my ear when I'm changing and it stings and I'm thinking about my Savior all over again.

I'm beginning to think this was a good mid-life crisis ... and in 4-6 weeks when I get to finally change my earrings, I'm thinking I'll start with these crosses I just got from DaySpring.

He's My Strength - Silver Cross Earrings

Dwell print from Be Small Studios
Road to the Cross Canvas from Dayspring
He's My Strength earrings from Dayspring
(Dayspring links are affiliate links---if I formatted them right. I love all their products! Be Small Studios I just love and want you to love, too)


  1. Oh what a beautiful reminder...

    "Yet it was our weaknesses he carried; it was our sorrows that weighed him down. And we thought his troubles were a punishment from God, a punishment for his own sins! But he was pierced for our rebellion, crushed for our sins" Isaiah 53:4-5

    Oh what beauty and what sacrifice... thank you friend for pointing me back here with your words.

    1. Yes!!! Thank you for the verse! I totally forgot to add it in there before I posted!!

  2. Aww I know that tender feeling you talk about I feel the same lately!


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