Thursday, May 2

Embracing Beauty

So, I finally drew the winner to the giveaway of last week's post on Embracing Beauty... My readership and subsequent giveaway entries are still small enough that I can just write all the names on slips of papers and draw them out of a cup...  So the winner of the Embracing Beauty ebook by Trina Holden is....

Amy Tilson

Embracing Beauty

And now a little bit about the book from my perspective!

She drew me in with the first chapter and Scripture about beauty and God making us for beauty... amazing!

"He created us in His image, as both a reflection of His beauty, and a celebration of His love for beautiful things. To Him you are His crowning achievement in a world full of beauty."

Why didn't I think of that? Just look at the seasons and God's artwork in each one! He loves beauty. He created us beautiful. He created us for beauty!!

Embrace it!!

There is so much goodness in this book and I'm looking forward to "Finding my Style" and a "Personal Color Scheme." I have already seen it developing since I read the book!  and I willingly got rid of some clothes that I know I will never wear. They were crowding my closet making it difficult to find the clothes I do love!

I also enjoyed the chapter on thrifting, which is why I asked her to cover that topic in her guest post last week.

and if you follow me on Instragram (I'm an addict) here are some of my thrifting finds...
 photo 873ba06ff4dab4188372c87f9d1548d4_zpsbc793ad3.jpg
for me...
 photo ac1e815b284954617c27d7fad9cb1481_zpsbe1dc4b2.jpg
for the kids!

and me with a scarf tie that Trina demonstrates in the extras!
 photo e31f9b88e692a363587614eb895bcd75_zpsc1785848.jpg

You must buy the book and check it out!!

Community Conversation: Do you know your personal color scheme? What is your favorite color to wear? What color would you NEVER wear?


  1. I love finding deals at Thrift stores and garage sales!! :) And LOVE the scarf!!

  2. I do not know my personal color scheme yet :( But I love wearing PINK and hate wearing ORANGE! blech.

  3. love thrifting! I am obsessed with coral and mint so i always end up with a lot of that! blue is my staple and my go-to color. and neon is my new joy!


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