Friday, May 17

Five Minute Friday: Song

Five Minute Friday
It's Friday, and I'm actually attempting Five Minute Friday on Friday... that time to just write without worrying if you get it right!

My writing has been sparse lately... too sparse and I'm considering a blogging fast or social media, or internet, or something...

but today, I'm writing and I'm writing with the community of writers and encouragers who meet at Lisa-Jo Baker's place on Fridays.

...Today, it's about SONG.

My bones have a little chill to them, still trying to thaw out from the few nights of frost we had earlier this week. Up here on the mountain the breeze is still cool coming in my open windows. So I head outside to soak in some sunshine and much needed Vitamin D. My heart is down, my soul a little discouraged. I want to write, but just can't find the words. I want them to be positive words.

So I head outside and I take a little walk around my back yard. I head over to my new "Square Foot Gardening" area and smile at the few little plants that are there. I have dreams for more, but don't want to overwhelm myself with too much, too soon. I smile at the fence my darling husband is installing to protect said plants from the rabbits, deer, and maybe even bear that roam "our woods."

Then I head over to my swing... I love my swing. Pull out a cushion and sit on the side that is basking in sun. And I sit, and I soak sun, and I listen.  The birds are all around me, each one singing it's own song, praises to its Creator. Each one unique, each one beautiful.

One sings and another responds and isn't that the way it is here in our internet communities. Leave comments, encourage--fill in that verse that I just couldn't think of when I wrote my thoughts.

Sing a short song, or a long song; each have their place. Sometimes we hear a song that just doesn't quite resonate with us--but others hear it and respond. I love to listen to the birds sing their song. I love to read the words my friends post... especially on Five Minute Friday.

Join in the chorus of writers today over at Lisa-Jo's.

Community Conversation: Do you ever just listen to the birds sing? And for fun, What's your favorite song these days? (I'll go first in the comments)


  1. Whom Shall I Fear by Chris Tomlin --a good word!!

    and This is the Stuff by Francesca Battistelli (mostly when my girls are singing along and dancing in the living room while it blares on the stereo)

  2. My favorite, also Chris Tomlin is Awake my Soul! Love the pics and that you can sit outside and just enjoy the song of nature around you!!

    1. ooh, thanks for the recommendation... already googled it to listen to it!!
      I could use some new life in these bones! Thanks again :)

  3. Julie Ann I love that you tie our conversations across the miles to the songs of the birds. Each one an original yet still part of the bigger orchestra. The song that is touching my heart this last few weeks is 'Place of Freedom' by Highlands Worship

    1. Yes, yes to each being an original and also part of an orchestra!
      thanks for music suggestion! :)

  4. I love to sit in my backyard and listen to the birds and see my gardens bloom! The songs of the birds and the songs of friends are soul filling. Thanks for linking up on Five Minute Friday so I could read along. :)

  5. "a chorus of writers"...oh if that isn't what we are, a blessed, broken, brave group of women who write fearless words that give God glory & turn into joyful noise. Love this ... and no you have me wanting a swing...

  6. Listening to the birds sing is one of my favorite pastimes. I'll sit in my chair by the window or sit outside and just be still enough to hear them. Yes, the song of community. Love that. :)

  7. Sounds like a little walk in nature and the warmth of sun lifted your spirits today. Bless you!!

  8. Well, my favorite song is in Russian, which won;t do you much good :-)
    Yes, each sings his/her own tune, some we like more than others and I think that is ok. As long as we give room to each other songs. I liek that we were thinking along the same lines/songs ;-)


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