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Five Minute FridayIt's late Friday night and my day didn't go exactly as planned... for one thing, we had planned a bonfire/Smore's night with friends from church, but when it's 42 degrees, rainy and windy, that really doesn't work too well. Plus... I spent the afternoon in The Injury Center...

But it is Friday and that means Five Minute Friday... and once again, I had a few different ways I wanted to go with the prompt "View," but this is what ended up coming out!  (actually posting this on Saturday, so I could add a few pictures... from Instagram of course)


It's Wednesday evening and I'm in the kitchen finishing up the after dinner cleanup, the dear husband has left for a meeting and the kids are outside enjoying the sunshine and their scooters. And then the tumble and cries and screams, "Go get Mom!!!"

She's on the ground, my sweet little five year old. From what I can see, it's a skinned elbow and a bumped ankle. A little ice, a bandage, and some rest and all should be well again. (that's a very abbreviated version of my evening, but I only have five minutes, here.)

The next morning, she still refused to put weight on it, but my view shows no swelling, no bones sticking out, nothing funny. We lay low, we call the doctor (his day off, so we get a doctor/nurse on call) They recommend ice, motrin and rest for three days. I carry her everywhere... she's a light five year old.

Friday, I send her off to preschool, Hubby carries her in, teacher is willing to carry her around. We bump it once or twice over the course of the day and she cries out in pain and still refuses to put weight on it.

 photo 5d417fd75a138ff637e84af49f12cdce_zpsd2debf67.jpg

So we call the doctor again, not gonna wait three days!  This time it's our regular pediatrician with nurses so kind and wonderful, they should get a gold star!! She sends us to the injury center. And there we get another view, a different view, a more complete view ... an Xray. (once again, a very abbreviated version of our afternoon)

And there... we find a hairline fracture! Isn't that just a dandy start to the summer!?

 photo 1271e3fe11f17648df0159f5005ae445_zps4a25e915.jpg

Community Conversation: Have your kids ever had a broken bone? Any suggestions for entertaining her... she is already "bored!"


  1. Oh dear! What a week indeed! Your poor little one. At least it is a fracture and since you all carried her around it should heal quickly. I have never had a child break a bone and I have only ever tore my wrist and had a cast. I am not sure how strict you are or how old she is but I say play lots of games together as a family, don't do anything that she can't do, it is frustrating for her and just won't feel "fair". She will be able to go and sit outside on days that its not too hot (watch for swelling or tightness though) and she can use the computer. My kids favorite website is Our school uses it and it does have a lot of fun and challenging games that aren't boring in the least (i have been caught playing them) Otherwise there are things she can do around the house that will keep her from being so bored, she can color and make things, plant flowers, help with baking (adding ingredients, stirring), play video games or computer games, and when she is able to use crutches with confidence then she will definitely be less bored. Good luck, I pray everything heals up quickly so she can get back to summer!

    1. Our iPad is getting lots of use! Her siblings are being very helpful, so far! And she loves to color so that will be great entertainement!

  2. Good golly what a way to start the summer. You are a wise mom in taking her to the doctor and no waiting. Hoping your little one heals well and without any complication.

    1. Mother's intuition can go a long way!! :) She's a trooper and has a great attitude about it all!

  3. This happened with our second son, except it was his arm and he was 2 yrs old. He went up the slide the wrong way and fell off of it...there's a reason for rules :/ This same adventurer has broken two more bones. One in each of his arms. He climbs, jumps, falls and does it all over again. WITH a cast on...the last time it happened right before a trip to the ocean. Such a bummer!! I guarantee that your sweetie will persevere despite her cast. Kids are so resilient and ingenious. They find a way to keep themselves occupied. I will sure say a little prayer for her, and your family, as you search for ways to have fun despite her brilliant pink cast! Blessings to you...and thank you so much for your support! It means more than I could ever say:)

  4. Oh no! Poor babe. I hope she's feeling better soon! As a side note, I nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award :)


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