Wednesday, May 29

Jury Duty...

I received a jury duty summons the other day. First, I completely freaked out because that just scares me. I continued to freak out cause I'm kinda wimpy and I don't want to drive into Scranton, all by myself, and have to find parking and face the unknown all by myself...

First woman jury, Los Angeles  (LOC)

And then I opened the envelope and started completely hyperventilating when I looked at the date...

uummm, I'm supposed to be on vacation that day, with my husband and kids, with his parents, his brother and family... out of state.

Do they even let you do that??? (see how little I know!)

And then there is the questionnaire.  There are plenty of easy to answer questions, but a few of them gave me pause... I managed to answer them all, especially whether this would cause hardship!

Definitely!!  I've got a family vacation to attend!!

I was discussing this with some of my friends, all of whom are moms and we swapped stories of various jury duty summons and how being a stay-at-home mom and/or a homeschooler definitely causes hardship, and one of my friends said, "You serve on jury duty every day!"

And isn't that so true--not that I know personally because I haven't actually servered on a jury yet, but being a mom is a lot of listening to both sides of the story and then determining which side is telling the truth... and some days, that is all I do -- ALL DAY LONG!

If only I could make my kids start each day with "I swear to tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God." (tweet that)

In case you were wondering, I did return my questionnaire and have received a postponement, just after the kids head back to school, so expect me to freak out again come fall...

Community Conversation: Have you ever been summoned for jury duty? what was your experience? Do you agree that being a mom is a bit like jury duty?

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  1. Jury duty was actually interesting and a little fun, except that my kids were home on spring break. (of course they were old enough to stay home by themselves..) Enjoy your summer and then they will probably let you go when you describe your life!! :) Love you, Jen


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