Friday, June 21

Five Minute Friday: Rhythm

Five Minute Friday

It's been 3 weeks since I've posted... or even written anything. But when you are trying to get started again, sometimes five minutes is all you can handle, and it's better than nothing... so here is my #fiveminutefriday.


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It seems I've lost my rhythm. It's been hiding for a while but I was in denial. I even took a blogging/social media break in an attempt to find it... but you know what???

I was too lazy to search it out. I procrastinated and found other distractions. I read more, but useless fiction reading; and I still refused to pick up the pen and write--not for fifteen minutes, not even for five.

It's not that I have nothing to say, it's that I wasn't willing to take the risk. I was going to avoid it today, too, even though I just read a post yesterday on How to Stop Procrastinating. But my dear friend, Crystal Stine, gave me a kick in the pants and I started the timer and pulled out my writing journal and a pen.

and the rhythm of my pen on paper just happened. nothing profound, nothing spiritual deep, just my words out on paper.

The rhythm may disappear for another week or the words could flow every day, but there is something about the encouragement from a friend that can help my find my rhythm.

So get out there and encourage someone to find their rhythm today!!!

Community Conversation: What are you procrastinating from today? How can I encourage you? Have you found your summer rhythm yet?


  1. I wrote about my blogging rhythm today too. It is hard to find a consistent steady rhythm...and I am realizing that putting that pressure on myself really is what holds me back. our summer rhythm is taking a break from the go go go rhythm we have had all week and we have nothing planned. Love this. Fun to connect with your post. Happy Friday!

  2. Sometimes those first five minutes, the act of pen on paper? It's not life changing, but it gets the words out, starts the rhythm again :) Love your words, as always my friend. So glad you linked up!

    1. thank you again for the encouragement! You bless me!!

  3. it seems that we have both been 'in search of the muse' but not really ;)
    this statement you made, "and the rhythm of my pen on paper just happened. nothing profound, nothing spiritual deep, just my words out on paper." I needed that. thank you. How awesome to have a friend like Crystal to just encourage you to go for it. perhaps all you need to do it take a pen and paper out, perhaps its not all to be shared with everyone. That is what i've been learning on my own journey, but i need to get back to that pen and paper writing also. I miss it.

  4. Dear Julie
    Oh yes, we need to encourage one another! That is what I find so great every Friday at FMF! Just be true to your heart, dear one, and the words will come.
    Much love XX

  5. My bathrooms need to be cleaned and my blogging needs a pick-me-up. Hello, summer!

  6. Ah yes - welcome back! Sometimes it really is just that small act of faith in sitting down, pen and paper in hand, and beginning again! Glad to have you back!

  7. I love this. Julie - almost all of what I write starts with pen and paper - almost always (except for 5 minute friday) - there is just something about the weight of the pen and the bleeding of ink on paper that stirs a deep and ancient rhythm - So glad to have you back here friend!

  8. I love this my friend, and I'm glad your back!

  9. Welcome back !!! I love your transparency about your struggle. There are so many times that we just need that friend to remind us to do what we already know we need to. Please keep putting your pen to paper I love to read the results.

  10. So glad you're back! Sometimes 5 minutes of writing is all you can manage, you know? But I like what you did with your 5 minutes. :-)

  11. I've missed you. Just saw your card sitting on my desk and was wondering where you'd disappeared to! :)

  12. Julie, yay for even just a 5 minute post. Congrats on being back on track and finding your rhythm. xo friend!


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