Thursday, May 30

Dear Weary Mom

Dear Weary Mom,

When you can't figure out which end is up, when the laundry is piling up... and the washing machine keeps overflowing in the spin cycle. When your to-do list is so long you are afraid to actually write it down, so you keep forgetting things... KNOW that He knows which end is up and He will never forget you.

When you get tired of lugging your 5YO around when she's tired from using crutches and it's like potty training all over again because she needs help to go. When you are tired of the "I'm bored, mommy" and you are afraid of what all this extra TV and iPad time is going to do to her, KNOW that this is a season... hopefully only a 3 week season before the cast comes off.

When you are so overwhelmed with things at home and planning for the summer vacations, that you don't even want to take the opportunity to get away for a weekend of Ladies' Conference... KNOW that you should go any way and God will renew you (at least that's what I'm hoping)!

When you feel like your God-Sized Dream totally got sidelined and you are starting from scratch, KNOW that God is still working in you and dreaming is a process!

And when you want to write and blog, but the words just won't come... KNOW that it's okay to take a blogging break, even if it's indefinitely (will you all be here when I come back? ...if I come back?)

From one weary mom to another (or maybe just to herself),
Blessings on your day and weekend,


Community Conversation: What has you feeling weary today? maybe I could pray for you!  Have you ever had a child in a cast... unable to get wet in the summer time?  Suggestions????  

taking a little bloggy break, thinking for the month of June, but we will see!


  1. Hi Julie, yes...that place...that child-in-a-cast-who-needs-so-much-help place - oh, girl, you're not alone. :) This is a perfect time to rest and take a break.

  2. Yes, two broken wrists, and a six week double leg cast, I remember and I'm so sorry! Can I add to your letter?
    Dear Weary Mom...
    Thank you for the beautiful card that arrived in mail, it brightened my day more than you know. KNOW that it's ok to take a break, and allow the God of the universe to wrap you tight in rest and love. KNOW that you are prayed for and loved, and we will all be here when you are ready to be back...
    Love and Blessings my friend!

  3. Great post, honest :) While I don't have kids in casts I am still feeling a bit weary around here. It's been raining, thunderstorming and torando-warning for 2 weeks now. Weary. I, too, wonder about all this screen time that I let kids have simply because I'm running out of energy to keep entertainging - and, should I even have to entertain?! And, our house is for sale - so keeping a for sale house clean with a 2 and 4 year old is constant work. But in all this I rejoice! Relating today. Hang in there!

  4. ahh Julie, how I love you. Yes, we did that with a boy in a cast up to his hip. and the leaking washing machine...and well, all that!! You are not alone. I understand weary..yes I do!! You are safe and loved and lovely!!


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