Friday, July 5

Five Minute Friday: Beautiful

Five Minute Friday
It's Friday and Fridays are beautiful as writers gather from all around the world to join Lisa-Jo Baker in Five Minute Friday.

Today's word prompt: Beautiful

Summer is beautiful. With its sunshine and bright blue skies, with the thermomater hitting the 80's and 90's. With flowers in abundance and gardens bursting with produce.

Summer is beautiful. With sprinklers and bathing suits, water balloon fights, with freeze pops and dripping ice cream cones.

 photo d9844f4310f33dce0c4ed635544d4df9_zps66d06972.jpg

Summer is beautiful. With family reunions and visiting the grandparents, time with the cousins, and swimming in grandma's pool... a week too short.

 photo 1f9f3992f5c5827b818f6f023dfb4f27_zps81aae2d2.jpg

Summer is beautiful. With friends over to visit, with bonfires and S'mores, with glo-sticks and games of volleyball ... or croquet (if only my property was flatter).

Summer is beautiful. With iced coffee and trips to the air conditioned library or the kids movies for $1 at the movie theater. With trips to the park and playdates.

Summer is beautiful. With lazy mornings and late nights. With Fourth of July celebrations... picnics, fireworks, all things red, white and blue. With baseball games and apple pies, and fresh berries...

Summer is beautiful. Summer is Fun!

Community Conversation: What is your favorite thing about summer?


  1. Dear Julie
    I certainly agree with the iced coffee! Yum. We have our winter at the moment in South Africa.

    1. Hoping you find the beautiful in the winter!!

  2. Such a fun post to read! I love the beauty of summer, especially when the days are filled with children and friends! More Grace, Donna

    1. thanks! children and friends add such beauty to our lives!

  3. The sun shinning all day is my favorite part of summer! Visiting from FMF.

    1. sunshine is definitely a huge need of mine!!!

  4. Looks like you and your fam are having a beautiful time so far this summer. Keep on making those memories.

  5. Summer IS beautiful Julie...enjoy!!


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