Monday, September 30

What my Allume Roomies should know...

The first thing you need to know is that I feel like a fake right now. Keeping up with my blog is pretty low on my priority list this week, this month, this summer... and though I really, really, really want to write I just have no discipline, no motivation. I even just want to send you to last year's "10 things my roomies should know" post--most of it still applies.

For your sake (and for mine) I'm not going to lock myself into finding 10 things this year.

So why, you ask, if blogging is not a top priority right now, are you going to a blogging conference?



The time I spent at last year's Allume conference still fills me with happy memories! It's a lot of fun, y'all!! I have to say y'all, because it's in the south this year. Which brings me to change number one from last year. I'm flying this year, not driving, which means I won't have room for my own pillows this year... maybe one of you more local people could bring me an extra or two... (j/k, I'll be fine)!

Now I really have no concern sharing a room with someone I don't know that well (although last year, I joked about ax murderers and all) Truth is, I really didn't spend much time in my room at all last year. I do however, anticipate that I might toss and turn a bit trying to get comfortable, but more likely I will wake up with a stiff neck from not moving all night for fear I would disturb you...

I'm a people pleaser... I like people to like me. I don't want to offend you. I hate confrontation. So if anything is bothering me, I will just try to find a way around it, or ignore it, or ignore you... okay, not quite that far!

I am NOT getting new business cards this year... just coming with the plain old ones I had last year with the horribly dark picture of me... If you want to see what I really look like, you can find me on twitter, on instagram, on facebook, on pinterest, and on google+

I am still highly addicted to Dark Chocolate and will love you forever if you show up with Dove Dark Chocolate... (by the way... come back tomorrow for 31 days of Dove Promises) ... you know you want to...

I still make handmade notecards and am working on moving beyond hobby and I opened an etsy shop last month!! I've made a few sales and also have a few more orders in the works! Check it out, here! See something you like? Message me about a free shipping code and I'll deliver your order in person at Allume!

I went to Allume last year because I wanted to grow in my blogging. My blog is still pretty much the same as it was a year ago. However, I made many new friends, learned soo much that's still brewing in my head, and had a great time of rest and refreshment! I am also looking forward to more music/singing/worship this year.

I can't believe it is less than 4 weeks away and I'm soo looking forward to seeing old friends, meeting new friends and making even more new friends!!

Will I see you there??!?


  1. I think we're going to get along just fine. And I'm not an ax murderer. :-)

  2. Ok, I love this. And I completely heart your 31 days theme...I so wish I had thought of that! :) Can't wait to meet you, friend!


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