Thursday, October 3

#31Days of Dove Promises-Three

It's not just the free time... It's the MOMENTS!!

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Life is full of years, days, hours... moments. How are you spending your moments? I find that is where I lose so much opportunity, in the little moments. A moment seems so small, why should I bother to get something done. Surely, I can just sit here and veg for a few moments on facebook. Because that isn't enough time to write a full blog post, or work on my data entry project, or write a paper for my class, or create a new card for my etsy shop.

Maybe 5 minutes isn't enough time for that, but I could plunk out a few sentences or write down some blog post ideas, or edit a picture or two for a future post. Or I could spend 5 minutes straightening up my craft table or sorting my stamps and ink, or researching ideas for a new card to make.

Or I could spend 5 minutes in prayer, or reading a book to my kids, or a quick walk outside for a dose of Vitamin D and fresh air.

How are you at time management?  I am AWFUL at it... which is why it will be a miracle if I actually post 31 days in a row.

Community Conversation: Do you have any free time today? How are you spending it? Are you taking advantage of it?!

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Yes, I am working to share one promise every day. To see all my #31Days of Dove Promises head to this page and bookmark it, pin it, or just subscribe to my blog and we can enjoy a little bit of chocolate together every day this month.

and if you have lots of time to spare, check out all the #31Days topics at The Nester!


  1. I am looking through cookbooks from the library. I like to think of them as "picture books for adults" :-)

    1. Friend! have I ever told you of my addiction to cookbooks??!?!

  2. My whole day today is "free". I've done pretty good maximizing it, but that is definitely not my strong suit either.


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