Monday, October 28

#31Days of Dove Promises-TwentyTwo

Today is October 28... I am on Day 22 in the #31Days Series... and I knew this would happen, but I'm so glad I pushed myself to do this series anyway. Because it made me write a little more this month. Not much, but every bit counts. Even now I'm a little afraid to sit down and write because I am full to overflowing with goodness, thoughts, conviction, blessings, etc from a weekend at Allume... maybe you've heard of it?  and maybe you have heard about how much I love Dark Chocolate??!?!

So today, I give you this...

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"A good love is delicious, because you can never get enough."

You can't get enough of good love, you can't get enough of good dark chocolate and you (or at least, I) can't get enough of Allume!!! There is no way I can fit it all into one wrap up post, but here is a little glimpse of Allume through my eyes this year!

Ann Voskamp likes Nutella... I knew we were destined to be friends! :)
"Until you are intimately know, you are ultimately nomadic" ... We want to be known. Better to be known by the God of the Universe, than the world.

Melanie Shankle (Big Mama) ... "Your calling is different from others. Legalism used to be a list of things NOT to do. Legalism today can be a list of all the things you should be doing--sponsoring third world children, missions trips, adoptions, etc."

September McCarthy ... "Instill values that you know will replicate into a child that is sold out for Christ and his kingdom work."

Jennie Allen ... "It didn't mater that my prison cell was cute, I was still stuck in it."

Bianca Olthoff ... "Faith is not needed to do what is possible, Faith is needed for the impossible."  and "Clarity is knowing what God wants you to do. Courage is believe God Will do it!"

And then there was the Friday evening worship with Anthony Evans, Jr. which was beyond words... AWESOME!!  My most favorite part of the weekend was singing "It Is Well With My Soul"
a cappella with 450 Allume sisters and Anthony Evans, Jr.!!

Add to that the great meals, conversations with new and old friends, encouragement to my heart... And the Prayer Room and I left with my heart and soul and mind and stomach FULL!!

And with a grateful heart I returned home to the arms of my husband and my kids who shower me with unconditional love... something else that I can't get enough of!!

Community Conversation:  What can't you get enough of?!

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  1. Uh.........You? Hello. I can never get enough Julie.

  2. I am having the most fun reading through the nuggets that each woman has gained from Allume! Thank you so much for being a part of our time together, for loving others well and for investing into the community! Heaps of blessings on you Julie! - Logan

  3. This is the first Allume recap post I have read! Thanks for writing it, Julie. Your words bless me and I am thrilled that it was an amazing weekend. Amy Tilson shared the "It is Well" video and I can see why you loved it!

  4. First, Debi stole my answer. Second, Becky told you about the video which I will promptly tag for you. Third, I love the highlights you listed here. I think they really get to the heart of this weekend. Bless you girl - loved every second I got to spend with you!


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