Thursday, October 24

Five Minute Friday: Together

Five Minute Friday

It's not quite Friday and I've been looking forward to this night for a LOOONGG time... anticipating it for quite some time!! :)

This is Five Minute Friday Live Night here at Allume and I'm not always very good at spitting out much wisdom in just five minutes without much thinking, but we are going to give it a go!!

Topic: Together


Today, I am with friends. New Friends and Old friends and yet to meet Friends... and missing some of my back at home friends.

There is something about hugs and faces and being together that brings a smile to my face. It's not something that can be explained and it's not something I can even understand myself sometimes. But it is God-given community and He is seen and shown every week in the words and the posts and the life we live.

While we are apart, but together online each week and even now while we are together in person, in the flesh, in hugs and prayers and laughter and stories.

And where two or more are gathered in His name, he is in the midst of us. and we are together... and this gives me a glimpse of heaven when we will all be together, praising God and worshipping Him and giving thanks in all things, together.

I am thankful for this time together, the chance to be real, to come out from behind the screen and see and touch and hug and love and to know that these people truly love me and care about me in a way above and beyond anything I can imagine because it's of God and we have Him in common.


And if you are looking for more fun, check out my #31Day of Dove Chocolate Promises... It's sure to make you smile!


  1. Beautiful, Julie!! So thankful that you have this time. I am with you in spirit and so thankful for your faithfulness in loving others well!! May this weekend be incredibly sweet for you!

  2. I am thrilled to know you in person and so glad we could all come together like this!!

  3. So glad we finally got to exchange a hug today!!! Beautiful words, friend...blessings. :)

  4. Julie! have fun and enjoy those new friends!


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