Wednesday, January 15

A Story of Love and for the Love of Story

A Story of Love...

Somedays I feel a little unloveable. Short with everyone, rushing people here and there, sighing heavily at every interruption, and just falling apart at the seams. Yesterday was one of those days.

But come this morning, lying in bed NOT wanting to get up and face another day... still feeling the tensions of yesterday surrounding me, my husband wrapped his arms around me and told me, "I love you." Now that didn't immediately fill me with joy and peace and give me all the strength to face the day... in fact, I replied stupidly, "you do?"  But his words stuck with me and a few hours later, even with him off to work, I'm feeling loved!

And the kids... full of unconditional love, all told me they loved me at some point this morning in between the rushing to get dressed, fed and out the door to the bus. Because that's what family does--they love unconditionally.

Do you know who else loves unconditionally? True community and friends... and Jesus!
So my friend, can I just let you know today that YOU ARE LOVED.

Even when you feel unloveable.
if you still feel unloved, go visit Holley Gerth as her community pours out love on all of us...
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And For the Love of Story

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I've discovered that hearing someone's story opens my heart to love them a little bit more. Now my memory retention is completely shot these days, and I may forget the details 10 minutes from now and forget to ask you how said situation is going when I see you or talk to you next week, but the truth is, when we share stories there is a connection and a love that flows from that.

So I want to let you know today that I want to know your story (I can't promise that I will remember all the details, but I will love you through your story)

You have a story to tell

Maybe it's your journey to motherhood
or all about college
A struggle with infertility
How you are pursuing your God sized dreams
A story of waiting
A story of grief
A story of joy
A story of victory

The story of how you came to Christ

I need to hear your story.

I love stories and I love you.

Will you share your story? just a little one in the comments today

Also, today is the day to sign up for a FREE conference that's all about story and community
The in(RL) conference

  • When: The (in)RL Online Webcast kicks off on Friday, April 25 and (in)RL Meetups follow on Saturday, April 26.
  • What: In 2012 we explored the nitty gritty of community. Last year we took a closer look at what it takes to stay rooted in community, even when sometimes walking away would be so much easier. This year we're looking at the power of story. No matter how much life you've lived or what you've walked through, you have a story. And girl, we need your story! More than 30 women in different stages of life will share their personal testimonies and stories of community, the messy and the beautiful and the beautifully messy.


    1. Beautiful post!! Yes even when we feel unloved, God loves us doesn't He?! Thank you for the reminder today!!

    2. I love this post! I am so glad that you wrote it. Be blessed:)

      1. thanks, friend!! I wrote it for myself, but glad it blessed you, too

    3. I'm dreading that morning tomorrow...laying in bed still filled with the tensions of today. Could use one of those snow days we don't get in this area.

      1. Oh, sis!! Love you and praying for you tonight!!

    4. Friend...I'm so glad you had those precious reminders that you are loved, because you your Father and by so many others, including me! Thank you for the sweet blessing you are in my life! Beautiful post. :)

    5. so true that hearing others stories opens our hearts to them.

      a bit of mine is homeschooled, raised in a pastor's home.
      married at 22. moved to canada w/ my canadian love.
      had my first baby at 23. moved back to the states.
      had a few more babies. miscarriages. years of infertility.
      then our miracle baby born three years ago!
      moved back to canada.
      hardest years of my life these last few here.
      but learning every day to cling to His grace for :)

      and there SO much more to the story, of course.
      but just my life in a very brief nutshell. {thanks for asking to hear it}

      the incourage conference sounds like it would be really good.
      i love community like that. :)

      wonderful post! happy thursday.

    6. .. and i have a picture of that same coffee cup from starbucks and have used those exact napkins.

      just a funny sidenote. :)


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