Friday, February 21

Five Minute Friday: Small

You know the routine, it's Friday and in the rare event that I actually get my thoughts typed and published today, it's Five Minute Friday. Sometimes when I'm down in the dumps and discouraged, I don't feel like writing, but usually when I wade through the muck and let myself ignore the millions of other distractions and just WRITE, without worrying if it's just right, then I feel a little bit better. So, today I'm writing on SMALL.

Because sometimes, small really means BIG.

Like a hand written note on a small note card, the perfect encouragement at just the right time... not really small, but HUGE.

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Like a small piece of Dove Dark Chocolate.

Small means big when you are talking about a dandelion from your child, or a little hand slipped into yours on a walk.

Small is a newborn baby, the first giggle, the first tooth, the first step.

Small is a tiny mustard seed and the faith it is compared to.

Small is three tiny words, "I love you" or "You are beautiful" but when it comes from your husband's mouth (the one who only talks when he has something to say), It's big, huge, and heart-filling.

Small is the amount of money that I or maybe you could add to a growing collection to help the small in South Africa that need some help.

Small is a snowflake, a rain drop, a first bud, and falling leaf... But a representation of a big God who created seasons for us to enjoy.

Small is my heart when I'm feeling down and discouraged and all alone...

Small is my gifts of thanks to God, that add up to 1000 and beyond that remind me that my God is NOT SMALL.

Small is the sliver of sunshine that peeks through the clouds and cracks open my heart.

Small is the step that is needed to get out of the pit, to pursue the next thing, to do what is right.

Small is really big!

Community Conversation: What is your favorite small (but not really) thing?

and be sure to head over to Lisa-Jo's place for some more delightful writing on Small... each small comment you leave is a big encouragement!


  1. i LOVE this... I was thinking this too... Small is so big. Sometimes it is the smaller things that the mean the most. The sweeter, more intimate moments over the huge, grand gestures...

  2. My favorite small thing is a hug from my little boys. Wonderful post. Stopping by from FMF.

  3. LOVE this, Julie! There are so many small (but not really) things, aren't there? A word or a hug at JUST the right moment... that is Jesus with flesh on to me!

  4. <3 starting over. Sometimes that can seem small, but it leads to big things.

    1. starting over... oh, I need that one!!! :)

  5. I love the thoughts of all the things that at first glace seem so small but in reality they are actually very big. My "small" thing is when my hubby puts a load of laundryin (without me asking) so I don't have to stop writing or whatever else I am doing.

  6. Beautiful smalls, Julie! Today it was the small decision made by my girl to put roller skates back on after hurting herself in a fall.

    1. Yes, small things in our kids are wonderful!

  7. Julie,
    Love your list...and yes, the delicacy and intricacy of a snowflake speaks volumes about how big God is...what a great thought..blessings to you :)

  8. Hi, Julie. I'm visiting from Better Blogs! It's lovely to meet you. :) I love your FMF. Small does not mean insignificant!

  9. Thanks for visiting Beauty Observed. I'm also from Better Blogs.

    Things that I love that are small, but really big...a call from a friend, bumble bees, and laughing kids.


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